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What Is Rooftop Solar?

The sun is a never-ending source of energy. Luckily, scientists have already figured out a way to harness the sun’s power and convert it into usable clean energy.

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Why Go Solar?

Over the last several decades, homeowners, business owners, and organizations have discovered the numerous benefits of solar power. Learn why you should go solar today.

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What Is Solar Economics?

Going solar is a big decision that homes and business owners face. It's a significant investment, but the economic return can be huge.

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What Are Solar Incentives?

Are you wondering what solar incentives are? Read our blog to learn more about incentives for installing a solar energy system and how your project may qualify.

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How to Go Solar

Interested in going solar? See if solar panels are right for your home and learn how you can get started!

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All About Solar Financing 

As a homeowner, you've probably heard the buzz about solar panels and renewable energy. Learn all about solar financing and how to get started!

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Texas Energy Prices - Russia’s War on Ukraine & Impact

As US natural gas and energy prices soar to record highs many Americans are wondering whether Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a contributing factor. The simple answer is yes.

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How to Prepare Solar Panels for Winter

As winter weather makes it way to your home, you may be wondering how to prepare your solar panels for winter. In this article, we're going to cover just that.

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11 Moving Tips and Tricks that will save you Time and Money

We want to make sure your moving experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Throughout this article, we'll review moving tips and tricks that will save you time and money.

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TNMP Disruption Changes

TNMP Customers will have some Disruption and Changes to Service

Unfortunately, as of February 28, 2022, AT&T has sunset their 3G technology and TNMP has lost the ability to communicate with their 3G meters.

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Average cost of solar panels

Average Cost of Solar Panels in Texas

If you live in Texas and you're curious about installing solar panels, there are a few factors to consider that will impact the cost.

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Furnace Maintenance Tips for Winter

With the unpredictability of Texas winter weather, the last thing you want is for your furnace to go out in the middle of February. That's why regular furnace maintenance is important, especially before the cold weather sets in.

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The Best Green Gifts for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine's Day around the corner, you may be looking for a special gift to give your loved one. Rather than gifting a large stuffed teddy bear or box of chocolates this year, consider getting your significant other an eco-friendly gift instead.

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Moving to Texas Guide

Moving to Texas Guide

Moving to a new place can be intimidating, especially if you're moving to a big state like Texas. With a booming economy, warm weather, good schools and low cost of living, new residents are making their way to the Lone Star State quickly. 

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Best Smart Thermostats 2022

The Best Smart Thermostats for Your Home in 2022

Whether you're trying to make your home more energy efficient or you're just tired of having to pay high heating and cooling bills, a smart thermostat is a great way to gain more control over your energy usage.

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DIY Home Energy Audit

Easy DIY Home Energy Audit (Only 5 Steps!)

If you're looking for ways to save energy and lower your electricity bill, conducting a DIY home energy audit can help.

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Power to Choose

What is Power to Choose? is the official website for the Public Utility Commission of Texas, also known as PUCT. It is a helpful tool that was created to assist Texans when shopping for electricity providers.

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Winter Storm Prep

Winter Storm Prep - What To Do Before, During & After

Winter storms can quickly become a danger if you aren’t prepared – yes, even in Texas. Understanding what to do before, during and after a winter storm is the best way to ensure the safety of your household and property. 

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Electric vehicle charging

Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Having an electric vehicle (EV) offers the flexibility of charging your car from home. Imagine that… never having to visit a gas station or go out of your way to fuel up your car.

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highway road

EV Trip Planner: The Ultimate Guide

Our EV trip planner will help you discover the freedom and joy of an EV road trip. Learn how electric vehicles can take you to new places. 

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scrolling cell phone

The Top 6 EV News Resources

We’ve rounded up 6 of the best news sources for the EV industry to keep you up-to-speed. 

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EV charger

How Much Does it Cost to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

One of the top questions asked by potential EV drivers is — how much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?  

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Eco-friendly holiday gifts

Eco-Friendly Gift Guide - Find the Best Holiday Gifts!

We’ve broken down some of the best sustainable gift ideas for everyone on your list, so you can spread some cheer. It’s never been easier to be a green gifter.

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Sustainable Holiday

15 Tips to Have a More Sustainable Holiday

Here’s how to have a more sustainable holiday season—while keeping it as joyful as ever.  

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EV Apps

The 7 Best EV Charging Apps

 A number of mobile apps have risen as the best tools to help EV drivers locate charging stations and establish driving routes that match their needs and fit their schedule.  

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GMC Hummer EV

Introducing The Massively Powerful GMC Hummer EV

Eleven years after the discontinuation of the Hummer line, GMC is revitalizing itself through the launch of a GMC Hummer EV.

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What is an electric vehicle

What is an Electric Vehicle?

There’s no doubt that EVs are gaining popularity. Between advancements in battery technology and the global push to reduce fossil fuels, EVs have hit the main stage and will likely become the popular choice in the upcoming decade. 

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What is Vehicle-to-Grid Technology?

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology allows electric vehicles to provide important load balancing for our power grids, in addition to their obvious use as transportation.

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Off Road Electric Vehicles

All About Electric Off-Road Vehicles

Innovation and advancements in the EV industry are proving that electric off-road vehicles will be the top choice for adventurers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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EV Tax Credit

Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Explained

The United States government is spearheading the transition to electric vehicles by offering federal tax credits.

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Electric vehicle

The Best Electric Vehicles of 2021

Here is a look at the best battery electric vehicles of 2021.  

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electric vehicle charging

How Long Does It Take to Charge an EV?

While we’re all familiar with filling up at the gas station, the novelty of charging an electric car comes with a set of questions, one of the biggest being… how long does it take to charge an electric vehicle? 

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An electric vehicle charging

Getting Started with a Home EV Charging Station

Powered by electricity instead of fueled by gasoline, an electric vehicle (EV) is a refreshing departure from traditional transportation.

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Electric car key fob

What to Consider when Buying an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles have exploded in popularity recently, and for good reason. The technology has advanced to a point where many electric car models are now affordable for the average person.

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Tesla electric vehicle

Tesla EVs - All You Need to Know!

Electric vehicles are destined to become the future of transportation in the United States, and no company is doing more for the industry than Tesla Motors.

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EV backup power

Can Electric Vehicles Provide Backup Power To My Home?

Various electric car manufacturers are exploring the possibilities of using a vehicle as a backup power supply.

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Electric vehicle driving in forest

Are Electric Vehicles Really Better for the Environment?

Electric vehicles contribute fewer greenhouse gases vs. traditional gas-powered cars. Let’s talk about it.  

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MythBusters: 8 Sustainable Fact Checks

Let's separate facts from fiction and reveal common sustainability myths and important facts, for a happier and healthier planet.

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15 Sustainable Swaps to Try Now

We’ve created a list of 15 simple and effective sustainable swaps to demonstrate that small-scale sustainability can have tangible benefits.

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The New Ford F-150 Lightning: The Future of Trucks

Learn more about the all-new Ford F-150 and what we think it means for the energy world.

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Electric Vehicle Incentives

Interested in learning more about electric vehicles? Check out our blog on EV incentives & tax rebates to see how you can save!

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Electric Vehicle Charging 101

Learn all about electric vehicle charging so you can get the most out of your EV.

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What Electricity Company Services My Address?

Learn what electricity companies service your address.

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What is PUCT?

Learn about the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) and the history of the organization.

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purple money1

Being Green at Any Salary: Sustainability Tips at Any Income

No matter your income, there are plenty of ways to create a sustainable lifestyle. Check out our sustainability tips to learn how you can help the planet & your wallet!

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How to Find Solar Energy Companies in Houston

Learn how to find solar companies in Houston and what to look for in a solar provider.

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What Are the Benefits of Renewable Energy?

Learn about the many benefits of renewable energy & how it helps the earth & your wallet.

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The Average Price You Pay For Electricity Is Increasing – Here’s Why

Learn about the TDSP price changes that became effective on September 1, 2021, and why you may see an increase in your Texas electricity bill.

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Why Is Energy Storage So Important?  

Learn why energy storage is so important to the grid and how it helps consumers.

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Why Higher Prices for Renewable Energy Certificates Are Good

Learn why higher REC prices are a good thing for the future of renewables.

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What is Geothermal Energy?

Learn about geothermal energy, how it's generated & where it's used.

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What is a TDU?

Learn about TDUs (Transmission and Distribution Service Providers) & TDU charges.

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What Does Going Solar Look Like?

What does going solar look like & what are the benefits of solar energy?

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What are the Advantages of Solar Energy?

Learn about the advantages of solar energy and how a renewable energy plan can save you money.

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What is a Wind Turbine?

Learn all about wind turbines and how they work to generate electricity.

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What is a Renewable Energy Grid?

Learn about renewable energy grids and how green energy sources like wind and solar can help our planet.

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Is Renewable Energy Reliable?

Learn about renewable energy, its reliability and the positive impact it has on the planet.

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Electricity Deregulation in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the success of deregulated energy. Learn about electricity deregulation in Texas and its benefits.

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What is a Renewable Energy Certificate?

Learn about Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), how they work and who benefits from them.

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All About Wind. You Asked Tough Questions. We Answered.

Check out our Wind Energy FAQ for answers to popular questions around wind energy and wind turbines.

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How to Prepare for a Hurricane (or Tropical Storm)

Learn how to prepare for a hurricane or tropical storm (what to do before, during and after).

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10 Ways to Conserve Energy & Stay Cool This Summer

Learn 10 ways to conserve energy and stay cool this summer so you can stay comfortable and pay less on your next energy bill.

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10 Ways to Prepare for Summer Storms

Learn 10 ways to prepare for summer storms including ways to conserve energy.

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Why You Should Renew Your Electricity Contract

Learn why you should renew your electricity contract and how renewable energy providers like Rhythm can help you save money on your electricity bill.

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Where Does Texas Get Its Electricity?

Learn where Texas gets its electricity and why it has its own power grid. Rhythm offers renewable energy plans in Texas backed by unmatched local support.

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The History of Chapman Ranch

Learn the history of Chapman Ranch Wind Farm in Nueces County, Texas, and how Rhythm is putting all our energy into making sure it's around forever.

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Pick Your Own Electric Bill Due Date with Rhythm

Rhythm lets you pick your own electric bill due date, putting you in control.

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How to Find the Best Electric Company in Dallas for You

Learn how to find the best electric company in Dallas for you with our helpful 5-Step Guide.

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How to Switch Electricity Providers in Houston

Find out how to switch electricity providers in Houston, Texas.

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What is Distributed Generation?

Distributed generation describes the generation of electricity for use on-site, like solar panels on your roof. Learn about distributed generation and its benefits.

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How to Prepare for a Power Outage in Texas

Learn how to prepare for a power outage in Texas (before, during & after).

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What Is a Smart Meter?

Learn about Smart Meters and how they help the planet, your energy usage and your wallet.

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Results are in for Rhythm’s Summer Weather and Energy Annual Texas (SWEAT) Survey

Rhythm recently fielded a study of more than 800 Texans Learn everything from their anticipated energy use this summer to their favorite ice cream.

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What Is an ESI ID Number?

Learn about ESI ID numbers and why you need one to switch to a new electricity plan in Texas.

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How to Calculate Your True Energy Rate

Learn how to calculate your true energy rate so you can find the best electricity plan for you.

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What Is a Base Charge for Electricity?

Find out what the Base Charge is on your electricity bill & how big energy can trick you into paying more.

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What Is the Minimum Usage Fee on My Electric Bill?

Learn about Minimum Usage Fees and how to avoid them. At Rhythm, we don't charge unnecessary fees with our Texas renewable energy plans.

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What is Demand Response?

Learn about demand response and how it can save you money on your energy bill.

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Are Energy Switching Services Worth It? (Hint: Nope.)

Learn about energy switching services and why you should avoid them.

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What Are Rhythm Smart Alerts?

Learn about Rhythm Smart Alerts and how they can help keep track of your energy bills and usage.

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3 Sustainability Tips to Make a Big Impact

Do you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle? Check out our blog to learn 3 sustainability tips that will make a big impact on your life and the planet!

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What Is Nuclear Energy?

Learn about nuclear energy, how it works and whether it's the right energy source for your home.

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What are Tiered Rate Energy Plans?

Learn about tiered rate energy plans & what to watch out for.

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solar explained

What is Solar Energy?

Learn the basics of solar energy and its benefits for your wallet and the planet.

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How to Read an Electricity Facts Label (EFL)

Learn how to read an Electricity Facts Label (EFL) to get the most out of your energy plan.

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What is a Solar Buyback?

Learn what solar buyback is and how it can help you save money on your energy bill.

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10 Tips to Reduce Energy Bills this Summer

Learn 10 tips to reduce energy bills this summer so you can stay comfortable and save money.

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Post: Energy Showdown - Competitor Cover Photo

Energy Showdown: Why Texans Are Choosing Rhythm Over Any Other Electricity Providers

While having the choice in your electricity plan is great, making that choice isn’t always easy. See what makes Rhythm different from other energy providers.

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average billing

Rhythm Recommends: How To Set Up Average Billing

Average Billing is a program that helps stabilize the bill amount you pay for electricity every month, across the entire year.

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Flower Power

Flower Power: Here’s How Rhythm is Celebrating Earth Day 2021

This Earth Day 2021, all new customers who sign up between April 15th and April 30th will receive a wildflower seed kit and the chance to play a major role in Mother Earth’s special day.

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Wind Power

What's The Deal With Wind Power?

Let's debunk the myths and dive deeper into one of Mother Nature’s best-kept secrets: wind power.

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Hollywood Sign Sunset

Hollywood Green Scene: 5 Celebs Who Stand by Green Energy

Here is a list of 5 celebrities who dominate the Hollywood green scene and have proven their love for our planet in more ways than just dollar signs.  

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Happy Neon Sign Boy

#RhythmDIY: 10 DIY Hacks to Keep Your Kiddos Chill During a Texas Heatwave

We’re here to offer up some refreshing and mouthwatering DIY hacks to beat the heat this summer and suggest methods to have fun doing it. 

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Blog Image: In Defense of Wind

In Defense of Texas Wind Energy

While the storm and its effects are not fully behind us, Texas residents are rightly seeking answers to why power outages have been so widespread and prolonged, and who is responsible.

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