Learn about us. We’re Rhythm Energy.

At Rhythm, we put all our energy into making yours better.

A Texas electricity company that cares about you.

Good energy matters in the world, especially when it comes to your electricity provider. ​ 

​You know, that company in charge of delivering literal good energy. ​ 

​And ever since forever, electricity providers have cared more about making money than making you stick around. ​ 

​We started Rhythm to elevate your expectations of your electricity provider. We put all our energy into making yours better. ​ 

​Our team of energy experts are working tirelessly behind the scenes dissecting data and developing technology to give you fair and transparent pricing, best-in-class customer care, and renewable & innovative products that provide customers with a near-five-star experience and make them feel more in control of their energy consumption. 

​Feel that?​ 

​That's good energy.


People are digging our energy.

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We're leading the charge.

We’re sustainably driven.

The energy transition is here, and we’re leading the charge. Renewable energy is one of the most effective tools to combat climate change, so all our plans are 100% renewable.

We’re consistently fair.

Because we’re all people with families, too. We love giving you peace of mind year-round by offering the same great rates to new and renewing customers.

We’re always transparent.

We don’t believe in being sneaky or making things complicated. So, while some of our competitors like to charge up to 18 hidden fees, we’re proud to charge exactly 0 of them.

We’re wired differently.

We’re, like, obsessed with our customers. Seriously. In an industry that’s treated people so poorly forever, we’re determined to pave a new future. We love treating you like humans with families, because we’re also humans with families.

7-days-a-week customer service

We’re here every day that ends in Y. When we ask how your day is, we can’t wait to hear the answer. And remember, if other companies wanted to take your weekend calls, they would. We want to.

100% renewable energy, 100% of the time

We put the plan in planet. While we love our customers, we love the planet we all live on, too. That’s why all our plans are backed by green energy like solar and wind.

Nearly 5 stars on Google, #1 in your hearts

Our favorite part of our job is you. So naturally, we’re glowing over our near-perfect rating on Google. We take every review to heart—good or bad—and we are on a never-ending strive for five.

If you’re feeling our energy, jam with us.

No, really. We made you a playlist. Because making our customers happy is music to our ears.


Partnering with our community is in our DNA.

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