Shift your power to when energy is cheapest and get rewarded.

We're talkin' $1,000 or more a year in potential savings. You've never seen a plan like this in Texas before.

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Shift. Save. Repeat.

Take advantage of up to 20 hours of the lowest energy rate in Texas to start maximizing your savings with PowerShift.

  • Shift usage on your AC, dishwasher, pool pump, laundry, and EV charger to the cheapest hours.

  • Watch your electricity bill shrink because of these simple, small changes you're making at home.

  • Pat yourself on the back for using energy when it's the greenest and cleanest.

The numbers don't lie.

Our rates are better, and it's not particularly close.

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The graph doesn’t lie, either.

The average rate you're paying with PowerShift is much less than other companies' "Free Nights" plans. And that's why you can save $1,000 or more a year with us.

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Here's when to (not) use a ton of energy.

Shift usage OFF the on-peak hours and ON the off-peak hours. Simple, right?

When you can go nuts...

Off-peak: The up to 20 hours of the day when electricity costs less and allows you to save the most.

Ultra off-peak: Cheapest-priced energy, occurring during the overnight hours, and the ideal time to run your pool pump and charge your EV.

When you should conserve...

On-peak: Period of time when energy is most used, usually during the late afternoon when kids are coming home from school and you're getting off work.

Seasonal on-peak: Those times during the year when the weather causes people to use more electricity, like chilly winter mornings.

Questions about PowerShift?

Answers about PowerShift.

  • PowerShift 12: On-peak: 6pm-10pm, Off-peak: All other hours

  • PowerShift EV 12: On-peak: 6pm-10pm, Ultra off-peak: Midnight-6am, Off-peak: All other hours

  • PowerShift Seasonal 12: On-peak: 6pm-10pm, Seasonal on-peak: 6am-9am (January, February, March only), Off-peak: All other hours

  • PowerShift EV Seasonal 12: On-peak: 6pm-10pm, Seasonal on-peak: 6am-9am (January, February, March only), Ultra off-peak: 12am-6am, Off-peak: All other hours

At their core, time-of-use plans are fueled by time, and more specifically, the ability to manage and predict energy usage during specific moments in time. Plans like these charge different rates at different times of day to incentivize a natural shift to ease the grid and help the planet. And with a few simple changes of behavior, you can see a substantially lower electricity bill each month.

At specific times of the day, a lot of people use a lot of energy, which can put pressure on the grid. These moments of pressure are called on-peak hours. And you can probably guess when those might be. During the summer, on-peak hours are the evening hours when the weather is hot, and you need your house cool. Off-peak is when you don’t need to use as much electricity.

These plans are meant to help customers like you save, while also helping the planet and the grid—which we all in Texas know is oh-so important. By simply limiting your electricity consumption during on-peak hours of the day, you can save money and help the grid. This could mean cranking your AC to cool your house overnight so you don’t have to have it as low during the on-peak hours. Or running your pool pump or charging your EV overnight.

And, no, these plans don’t come with a lot of gotchas. They are exactly what they are. A way for everyone to help each other while also helping themselves, their wallet, and the grid.

They're time-of-use (TOU) plans. TOU is a billing concept in which the price of electricity varies based on when it’s used. While historically, this has been focused on differentiating price based on time of day, it can also be varied based on day or week, month of the year, or other potential markers. But what makes our plans unique is that they are just that: unique. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach like some others do. We developed multiple customized plans, and depending on your needs, usage, tech-savviness, and willingness to make some simple changes, you can save a lot of money.

If you can shift your energy consumption off of on-peak hours, your bill will go down. It’s as simple as that. And depending on which plan you choose, those hours will occur at different times with different energy rates incentives in each time slot.

Anyone who is willing to make a few slight adjustments in their day-to-day energy usage can save a lot of money. With technology where it’s at today, for example if you own a smart thermostat or an EV charging app, it’s simple to just set up energy adjustments on your phone (turning your AC up a few degrees during evening on-peak hours then back down afterwards). Also, the grid and the planet benefit. You're contributing to a cleaner future, because you’re using more power during periods of the day that are usually supplied by a higher percentage of renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

Energy charge breakdowns by hour specific to your plan can be found in the Learn More section of plan card or on EFL.

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