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Our 30-Day Test Drive is our way of making you feel confident in signing up with Rhythm. We give you 30 days to decide. You have 30 days from the date you start services with Rhythm. We think you’re going to love Rhythm. If you don't? Leave us early without the penalty.

Please note: After the first 30 days, we will charge an early termination fee (ETF) of $10-$20 for each whole month remaining in your contract, depending on the plan selected.

No, if you are switching to Rhythm, we will notify your prior provider of the switch through ERCOT.

This is true whether you are under contract with your prior provider or not.

Please see Early Termination Fee reimbursement for next steps if you are currently under contract.

If you are moving into a new location, make sure to request a move out for the prior location with the provider serving it. If it's Rhythm, awesome! We'll process a transfer of service and get everything situated. If it is a different provider, you'll need to contact that provider to request the move out.

Sometimes, the location a customer is moving into has a switch hold on it from the prior tenant. Switch holds are agreed to when a Deferred Payment Plan is signed. The new tenant is not responsible for these charges and can switch the home into their name by submitting a New Occupant Statement to Rhythm. We will then submit it to the utility on your behalf.   When emailing this form to Rhythm, please include a copy of one of the following forms as proof of your move:

  • Signed Lease, showing the date of occupancy with signatures

  • Closing Documents, from the home’s sale

  • Notarized Affidavit of Landlord

Deposits can be paid online during sign-up or by calling 1-888-7RHYTHM. The deposit must be satisfied before an enrollment can be confirmed or electricity service started. Deposits will be fully reimbursed after 12 consecutive on-time payments, with interest at the rate approved by the PUCT.

Deposit Alternative Program - For Eligible Customers

Some customers may qualify for the Deposit Alternative Program based on their credit profile. The Deposit Alternative Program requires payment of a Deposit Alternative Fee before enrollment can be confirmed or electricity service started. The Deposit Alternative Fee is non-refundable.

Can the deposit requirement be waived? 

Yes. Send a copy of a letter of credit from your most recent electricity provider to Rhythm. The Letter of Credit must show no more than 1 late payment for the most recent 12 consecutive months as well as have no disconnections for non-payment.

Or you may be eligible for a deposit  waiver if you are:

A customer aged 65+:  We will waive your deposit if you send us a valid copy of one of the following forms of identification :

  • State-Issued Identification Card 

  • U.S. Driver's License

  • Passport 

  • Military ID 

  • Government Employee ID 

A victim of family violence: If you are a victim of family violence, you are eligible to have your electric service deposit waived. To qualify as a victim of family violence, you will need to send a copy of your Texas Council on Family Violence deposit waiver certification letter. The letter must be filled out by family violence center personnel, treating medical personnel, law enforcement personnel, a Texas District Attorney or County Attorney, Office of the Attorney General personnel or a grantee of the Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation which you can find on the Texas Council on Family Violence's Website.

Victim of Potential Fraud: If we were not able to verify your identity, please send a copy of one of the forms of identification below directly to Rhythm.

  • State-Issued Identification Card 

  • Driver's License from The United States 

  • Passport 

  • Military ID

  • Government Employee ID 

Medically Indigent: Submit a certification letter to Rhythm establishing that the account owner is medically indigent: Form here

Once you complete your enrollment, it will take 3-4 hours for the utility to approve your service request and confirm your service start date. Rhythm will keep you up to date on your enrollment status via email or SMS. If any additional info is required to approve your service request, our Customer Care Team will be in touch with you. Please allow our Team up to 1 business day to get in touch.

Billing & Payments

Your billing cycle depends on the utility company's meter read cycle. This can take up to 35 days after you start your new service with Rhythm.

You have the option to pick your own due date by enrolling in Rhythm's "Pick Your Due Date" billing preference.

We always want to be 100% clear and upfront with you about the energy you use and what you pay.

Bill 1

1. Total Amount Due includes your current monthly charges, current non-electricity charges, and any previous balances.

  • Your payment due date is also shown here.

  • If you have signed up for Auto Pay, this area will also show the date for your next scheduled payment.

bill 2

2. Account Overview provides key details related to your service, including:

  • Service address - the location where we supply power for this account, and for which you’re being billed. Note: This may be different from your mailing address.

  • ESI ID (Electric Service Identifier) - it's a unique number that represents your electric meter’s location to the electricity grid.

  • Account Number - it's your unique ID number in the Rhythm system. We use this number to keep track of your energy usage and billing for this service address.

bill 3

3. Usage History gives you a view of:

  • Service Address Usage - This is the amount of energy used at the service location for the billing period. Energy used is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh) - a unit of energy equivalent to one kilowatt (1 kW) of power expended for one hour (1 h) of time.

  • Meter - This number is the identification number attached to your service location’s meter — it is kind of like the serial number for a piece of hardware.

  • Multiplier - This is the number by which your meter data must be multiplied to get your actual energy consumption.

  • Current Meter Read - This is the meter reading for this account as of the end of your most recent billing cycle.

  • Previous Meter Read - This is the meter reading for this account as of the end of your previous billing cycle. We include it so you have this data available for comparison.

  • Your Usage History also provides a chart that shows you how your monthly bill has trended over time. You can use this chart to track fluctuations in usage.

bill 4

4. Your Rewards are our way of saying thank you! The Rhythm Rewards Program lets you earn points for doing the things that help us become a better, more sustainable company. And every reward point can translate into money off your bill. For more information, visit

bill 5

5. Agreement Details gives you a snapshot of your agreement with Rhythm, including your contract start and end dates, your plan name, your contract rate (the standard rate you pay per kWh of electricity you use) and the average price you paid for electrical service in the billing period (this rate includes all fixed and variable charges).

bill 6

6. Current Charges gives you an itemized list of the electric bill costs.

Under Electric Service you will find:

  • Energy Charge - The amount of electricity used in kWh multiplied by the price you pay per kWh. If you are on a fixed rate with Rhythm, this should match your contract rate.

  • TDU Delivery Charges - These charges pays for the maintenance of the poles and wires that deliver electricity to your home and for the meters that measure it. The TDU delivery rates are regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT).

Under Sales and Gross Receipt Taxes

  • Sales Tax - This is the amount collected by authorized taxing authorities, such as the state, cities and special purpose districts.

  • Miscellaneous Gross Tax Receipts Tax Reimbursement - This fee is assessed to recover the miscellaneous gross receipts tax imposed on certain cities.

  • PUC Assessment - The PUC Assessment is a fee assessed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). It covers the cost of the administration of the PUC Regulatory Act.

These items are summed up and shown as Total Current Charges.

bill 7

7. Payments and Adjustments summarizes any recent payments, credits and outstanding balances.

bill 8

8. Total Amount Due includes your current monthly charges, current non-electricity charges, payments, rewards redemptions and any previous balances.

Rhythm offers many billing options to help better meet your needs.


Enroll now and you could receive $5 in Rhythm Rewards. You will receive bills, welcome packets, contract documents, and contract-related notices (including contract expiration notices and disconnect notices) via email.

Pick Your Due Date:

Most electricity bills are sent after your utility's meter read—whenever that may be— but we give you the freedom to choose your own due date. It’s all made possible with smart meters and daily-read technology. Opt in and choose the recurring due date that works for you.

Auto Pay:

It’s smart, it’s free, and it’s easy! You have plenty of other things to worry about, so let us handle your payment. Sign up for Auto Pay and your monthly payments will be automatically deducted from bank account or credit / debit card. You could also receive $5 in Rhythm Rewards after you enroll in Auto Pay.

Quick Pay:

Prefer to make a payment without logging in? No problem, just use Quick Pay option on our website.

We want to make sure you have the tools you need to keep the lights on. If that is an immediate challenge, contact us right away. Or, visit our Payment Assistance Options page. It may clear up a lot of your questions.

Now, about disconnection: All bills are due on the business day that is 16 days after the bill date. After that, Rhythm considers the charges past due. Once charges are past due, disconnection notices are sent out to let you know about your unpaid balance, which will include a 5% late fee. These notices will be sent to your service address with a specific disconnect date. Additionally, we will send a number of emails, so please be on the lookout.

The good news: If the past-due balance on the notice is paid before the stated disconnect date, then the issue is resolved, and things can carry on as normal. However, if the past due balance remains unpaid, disconnection is still a possibility. 

In the event you are disconnected, please know it is a temporary suspension of service that can be remedied with a reconnect, sent by Rhythm, to the TDSP after payment of the full, past-due balance has been received. 

Does Rhythm charge any disconnection or reconnection fees?  Yes, we do. Disconnection for Non-Payment Transaction fee can be applied if a disconnect order has been sent. If there is a fee from the TDSP, we will pass those through to you without markup.  

How can I prevent disconnection from happening again? We offer several different billing options, including Pick Your Due Date and Average Billing. These options can help you with your budgeting and help you avoid future disconnects. To learn more, please visit our Billing Options page.   As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at 1-888-774-9846.

Rhythm has several payment assistance options to help you keep the lights on in challenging times.

Customers are required to put down 50% of balance due as down payment to set up payment assistance. Customers on Average Billing are not be eligible for payment assistance. To request payment assistance, please email our Customer Care Team at and they will get in touch within 1 business day.

Now, let’s take a look at those options:

Payment Extensions: Extensions are best for customers needing a few extra days to pay their full past-due balance. Extensions are granted at Rhythm’s sole discretion. If granted an extension, you will be allowed extra time beyond the original due date to pay the past-due balance without interruption of service. However, disconnection notices will still be sent and you may be assessed a 5% late fee.

Deferred Payment Plans: On a deferred payment plan, you are typically expected to make a partial payment towards the past-due balance. You will pay the rest in monthly installments along with the current monthly bills. If you agree to a deferred payment plan, you will not be able to switch to another electricity provider until your deferred payment plan along with your current balance is paid in full.

Health Hardship Plans: If you are seriously ill, you may qualify for other options. Please email to discuss your situation.

Renew, Transfer or Cancel Service

Rhythm will send you contract expiration notices via email starting ninety days before your contract expiry date to notify you that your contract will be expiring soon.

Starting sixty days before your contract expiry date, Rhythm will contact you via My Account, email and SMS to let you know about the different renewal plan options available to you. Renewing your contract is easy. You can view all your renewal plan options by clicking on "Renew now" button in My Account or through the link provided in your renewal email or SMS communications. You can also call our Customer Care team at 1-888-774-9846 if you have more questions about renewing your contract.

Electricity rates go up or down based on energy market demand. As a result, your renewal rate may be different from your current plan. Rhythm is committed to giving customers the best rates possible, so your renewal plan is priced lower than your current plan. However, it is also possible that your rates may increase due to market dynamics. You can see your renewal plan options in My Account or through the renewal link provided via email or SMS when you are within 60 days of your contract expiration.

To request a transfer of service please send an email to and include the information so we can service your request quickly. You will receive a response back from our Customer Care Team within 1 business day.

  1. Move out date for current premise

  2. Move in date for new premise

  3. Full service address

Our Team will process your request and get in touch within 1 business day to confirm the transfer or we may request additional info if needed. Your new address must within Rhythm's service areas in order for us to transfer your electricity service to a new address.

To request a move out or to cancel your electricity service, please send an email to with the following information to help expedite your request. Our Customer Care Team will be in touch within 1 business day.

  1. Move out date for current premise

  2. Forwarding address to send your final bill

  3. Reason for move out or cancellation

When you join Rhythm we make you a 30-Day Easy Energy Promise, which means if you don't like us, you can leave us in the first 30 days of your contract without owing an early termination fee. It's that easy.

After that, we charge a cancellation fee of $20.00 for each remaining month in your contract. For example, if you had 6 months left on your contract, your cancellation fee would be $120.00. This policy does not apply if you cancel your contract early because of a move.

My Account & Profile

Your welcome packet located in My Account has all your important contractual documents including your Electricity Facts Label (EFL), Your Rights As A Customer (YRAC) and Terms of Service (TOS).

You can view and download a copy of your previous Rhythm bills in My Account under "Account History" in the "Billing" tab. You can also view a history of your payments in My Account under "Account History" in the "Payments" tab.

Report an Outage

The TDSP (utility) company is responsible for the electricity that runs to your home through the poles and wires. If the power is out (because of a storm or power line maintenance, etc.), your utility is the best point of contact:

The outage map links above can save you a call if the outage in your area has already been reported.

We also highly recommend signing up for outage text alerts if your utility offers them.

Finally, if you are experiencing an outage and your bill is past due, please double-check that a disconnection notice hasn't expired. If that has happened, the past due balance will need to be paid. Once the full past due balance has been paid, a reconnect request will automatically be sent. If you still need additional assistance, you can chat with us here or email us at

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