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TNMP Disruption Changes

TNMP Customers will have some Disruption and Changes to Service

Unfortunately, as of February 28, 2022, AT&T has sunset their 3G technology and TNMP has lost the ability to communicate with their 3G meters.

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purple money1

Being Green at Any Salary: Sustainability Tips at Any Income

No matter your income, there are plenty of ways to create a sustainable lifestyle. Check out our sustainability tips to learn how you can help the planet & your wallet!

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How to Find Solar Energy Companies in Houston

Learn how to find solar companies in Houston and what to look for in a solar provider.

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The Average Price You Pay For Electricity Is Increasing – Here’s Why

Learn about the TDSP price changes that became effective on September 1, 2021, and why you may see an increase in your Texas electricity bill.

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Electricity Deregulation in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the success of deregulated energy. Learn about electricity deregulation in Texas and its benefits.

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How to Prepare for a Hurricane (or Tropical Storm)

Learn how to prepare for a hurricane or tropical storm (what to do before, during and after).

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10 Ways to Prepare for Summer Storms

Learn 10 ways to prepare for summer storms including ways to conserve energy.

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10 Ways to Conserve Energy & Stay Cool This Summer

Learn 10 ways to conserve energy and stay cool this summer so you can stay comfortable and pay less on your next energy bill.

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The History of Chapman Ranch

Learn the history of Chapman Ranch Wind Farm in Nueces County, Texas, and how Rhythm is putting all our energy into making sure it's around forever.

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Pick Your Own Electric Bill Due Date with Rhythm

Rhythm lets you pick your own electric bill due date, putting you in control.

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Results are in for Rhythm’s Summer Weather and Energy Annual Texas (SWEAT) Survey

Rhythm recently fielded a study of more than 800 Texans Learn everything from their anticipated energy use this summer to their favorite ice cream.

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Are Energy Switching Services Worth It? (Hint: Nope.)

Learn about energy switching services and why you should avoid them.

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What Are Rhythm Smart Alerts?

Learn about Rhythm Smart Alerts and how they can help keep track of your energy bills and usage.

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What are Tiered Rate Energy Plans?

Learn about tiered rate energy plans & what to watch out for.

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Post: Energy Showdown - Competitor Cover Photo

Energy Showdown: Why Texans Are Choosing Rhythm Over Any Other Electricity Providers

While having the choice in your electricity plan is great, making that choice isn’t always easy. See what makes Rhythm different from other energy providers.

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average billing

Rhythm Recommends: How To Set Up Average Billing

Average Billing is a program that helps stabilize the bill amount you pay for electricity every month, across the entire year.

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