Rhythm Launches Solar Concierge to Help Texans Go Solar

Rhythm Research Team
Rhythm Research Team on Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Solar Concierge

At Rhythm, we’re excited to announce that we’ve launched our complimentary Solar Concierge service to help take all the guesswork out of going solar. From the panel size and pricing to installer and panel type, there’s a lot that goes into engineering the perfect solar system. And that’s precisely what we’ll do for you—for free.

What is a solar concierge?

We’re basically your assistant throughout the entire process of going solar. We could help you save thousands with solar by making sure you have the perfect solar system, quote, and installer. And if we don’t tell you we think solar is a bright idea for your home, we’ll tell you.

We know a thing or two about going solar.

We proudly serve thousands of Texas solar customers with our near-five-star solar buyback program, so we’ve heard thousands of stories about going solar—both the good and not-so-good. That’s why, we think, we’re the logical choice in being your 100% transparent Solar Concierge. You’ll also get:

  • Long-term Savings

Solar could save you big time. And that’s our goal for you and your home. So, if we don’t think solar is right for you, we’ll tell you.

  • Personalized Evaluation

We will provide you with a custom assessment based on your historical usage, unique location, rooftop layout, market rates, and other factors.

  • Pre-negotiated Pricing

We partner with a handful of solar installers and negotiate the pricing on your behalf no matter the size of your system.

  • Customer Proof

We’ve already established a near-perfect Google rating as a retail electricity provider. We can’t wait to bring this service to you, too.

"As the demand for at-home solar power grows in Texas, we're excited to offer our free solar concierge service to help take the guesswork out of what can be a fairly confusing process," said Sini George, Rhythm's Director of Innovation. "Not only can we help answer a lot of questions, but we'll do the heavy lifting. We'll send you models of what your system would look like on your roof and will be with you every step of the way to get your system installed and up and running."

Want to learn more?

We dig it. Learn more about all the Rhythm Energy Solar Concierge has to offer, our preferred partners, and even play with our calculator that could instantly reveal your potential savings. You can also fill out a form on the page or call 888-408-3369 to get valuable info about your home’s solar capabilities.

About Rhythm

Rhythm Energy is helping the Lone Star State shine by offering 100% renewable energy plans to Texans. Founded in January 2021, we’re already one of the highest-rated and fastest-growing electricity providers in Texas. A company that’s truly centered around the customer and their experience, Rhythm is spreading good energy, one electricity plan at a time.

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