Rhythm Opening New Office in Belgrade, Serbia

Rhythm Energy on Thursday, January 26, 2023
Serbia Rhythm Office

As a two-year-old company that’s quickly become one of the fastest-growing, highest-rated electricity providers in Texas, Rhythm is excited to announce that we’re expanding internationally. In addition to our headquarters in Houston, we’re opening a second office location in Belgrade, Serbia.

This Belgrade office will be an extension of the Houston headquarters and will tap into one of the up-and-coming, robust tech hubs in the world. As remote culture has grown in the U.S., Rhythm saw an opportunity to expand our search for technical resources to take advantage of their global expertise—focusing on data science, analytics, product, and engineering.

One might ask, “Why Serbia?” (Or, let’s be honest, “Where is Serbia on a map?”)

  • The capital of Serbia, Belgrade flies under the radar in terms of its growing technological resource pool. While many smaller, local, U.S. companies may not hire from Belgrade, a lot of the big tech and data companies you’ve heard of have hired from Serbia. We continue to be impressed with the resumes we get with past experiences at companies such as Meta, Google, and Amazon.

  • Our Founder and CEO, PJ Popovic, was born and raised in Serbia, so he knows the country’s potential. Though he now resides in Houston, PJ has spent his fair share of time in Serbia. He grew up in Belgrade and graduated from the University of Belgrade and went on to get his M.B.A. from, you guessed it, the University of Houston. While his energy career has moved him to the Bayou City for the last several decades, it’s always been a dream to tie it back to the city he grew up in. And if anyone knows about the brilliance and talent that awaits in Belgrade, it’s him.

“Serbia has emerged as an important and influential tech hub in Europe with both a local and internationally acclaimed tech talent pool,” said PJ. “We can’t wait to strengthen our team by leveraging the unparalleled technical brilliance there. And having grown up and lived there, I'm thrilled to now have part of Rhythm be there as well.”

About Rhythm

Rhythm Energy is helping the Lone Star State shine by offering 100% renewable energy plans to Texans. Founded in January 2021, we’re already one of the highest-rated and fastest-growing electricity providers in Texas. A company that’s truly centered around the customer and their experience, Rhythm is spreading good energy, one electricity plan at a time.

Looking to work in Serbia?

Then we want to hear from you. Take a look at our current open jobs in Serbia here.

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