Pick Your Own Electric Bill Due Date with Rhythm

Rhythm Energy on Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Blog Hero: Pick Your Own Electric Bill Due Date with Rhythm

It can be quite annoying when you sign up for something—insurance, Netflix, a gym membership, gas bills—and they tell you when you have to pay your bill. Your bill date is usually around when you sign up—making it more convenient for the company, not you.

Just think, you move into a new place on the first of the month, you’re going to be paying rent or mortgage and all your bills around the same time.

Some people like this, while others don’t.

What About Electric Bills?

Most electricity bills are sent after your utility's meter read—whenever that may be. Meaning you get them and they are due when it’s most convenient for the utility companies and your electricity provider. Not when it’s most convenient for you.

That’s not cool.

At Rhythm, we give you the freedom to Pick Your Own Due Date. After all, it’s your plan, your bill, and your money. You should get to choose when you pay for your electric service.

How do we do that? Simple. We use the power of Smart Meters to read your energy usage. These meters look at data about every 30 minutes and can report their findings. You pick the day you want to pay your bill and then we pick when to read your meter each month, so your bill is always accurate.

Pick Your Due Date is an awesome option for budgeting because you can align your due date with your life – when you get paid, when other bills are due, etc. And signing up for Pick Your Own Due Date is a breeze. If you’re a current customer, simply:

  • Go to your Rhythm My Account Portal

  • Go to “At a Glance”

  • Pick your due date

You can also call Customer Care at 1-888-7RHYTHM to update it.

As we said, it’s your plan and your bill and your hard-earned money. It should be up to you when you spend it. It’s just another way we’re making life easier at Rhythm Energy.

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