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We offer some of the most affordable electricity rates in Texas.

We offer 100% renewable energy plans. Find the best electricity plans in Texas with Rhythm Energy today.

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With our fleet of PowerShift time-of-use plans, you now have complete power over your power.

  • 12 months
  • Time-dependent fixed rates
  • 100% renewable

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$5 Monthly Credit Offer

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Get a $5/month credit with Auto Pay & Paperless, resulting in a discounted price. 

  • Auto Pay & Paperless required
  • 12 months
  • 100% renewable

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Home Security + Green Energy

SimpliSafe Home Security Bundles

2 months of free professional monitoring + choice between indoor and outdoor camera.

  • 24 months
  • Fixed rate
  • Up to a $479 value

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Frequently asked questions about Texas electricity plans and rates

We're proud to have almost 5 stars on Google and we love that so many people are feeling the Rhythm Energy. See what our customers are saying by visiting our reviews page.

As a Texas resident, you're able to choose the best electricity company that meets your needs and budget. And at Rhythm Energy, we’d be happy to be your choice. We offer affordable electricity plans in Texas that are 100% renewable. Simply enter your zip code to see if our energy plans are available in your area and start enjoying the benefits of renewable energy.

Many Texas residents wonder, “What is the cheapest electricity company near me?” or "what is the most affordable electricity plan?". That answer depends on a few things— like the type of energy plan, your electricity usage, how the energy is sourced and where the energy is coming from. At Rhythm Energy, we offer affordable energy plans in Texas that are designed to help you save with no hidden costs or unexpected fees.

While we can’t tell you which Texas electricity providers have the cheapest electricity rates (because they change like the weather), but we can tell you that our renewable energy plans are affordable and simple. No hidden fees. Rewards that lower your bills. And local Texas support, 7 days a week.

Rhythm Energy offers renewable electricity plans in Texas that support green energy sources like wind energy and solar. Interested in giving green energy a try? Get in touch with our local Texas support team to learn more!

Renewable energy, also called clean energy or green energy, is energy that comes from sources that are naturally replenished. They include wind, biomass, hydro, geothermal and solar, among others. Rhythm Energy’s electricity plans are backed by 100% renewable energy.

Electricity rates in Texas vary, because rates are based on the availability of fuel, fuel costs, weather conditions and pricing regulations. At Rhythm Energy, we pride ourselves in offering the same great electricity rates for new and returning customers. We will even pitch in $150 in bill credits to cover your old energy provider’s switching fee. If you're ready to switch electricity providers, give us a try!

At Rhythm Energy, we are creating an electricity company that treats you the way we'd want to be treated. Whether it's our 30-Day Easy Energy Promise (if you don't love us, leave us without the fee), Rhythm Rewards Program (where you earn points to lower your bill), Smart Alerts (which help you understand your energy usage) or local customer service (7 days a week), we want to prove to you that we are making energy easier in Texas. And you’ll be doing your part for a cleaner, greener planet.

When it comes to finding the best electricity plans in Texas, there are many energy companies to choose from. To find the right energy plan and electricity provider for you, think about the kind of experience you want and what your priorities are. Do you care most about great customer support that is easy to reach? Do you want to invest in green energy, like wind or solar? Do you want to earn rewards to save money on your monthly electricity bill? Do you want to do your part for a cleaner planet? If so, Rhythm Energy may be the right energy company for you. Check out our Texas renewable energy plans or get a quote for Texas electricity rates online.

If you live in Texas and experience a power outage, first and foremost, it’s important to remain calm. In order to get answers as to why and for how long, you’ll need to reach out to your Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP). You can find phone numbers and tips here. Unfortunately, Texas electricity companies like Rhythm Energy, Reliant or TXU have no control over power outages.

Texas became the 28th state in the country back in 1845, but not before experiencing time as an independent nation. Texas is widely known as the largest contiguous state, falling behind only distant Alaska in size. With a north-south and east-west distance of about a thousand miles each, this massive state encompasses deserts, forests, beaches, mountains, and canyons in one of the most diverse geographies of any state.

While the state may draw up mental images of cowboys and ranches, modern-day Texas embraces cosmopolitan life just as much. The largest city in the state is Houston, which is also the fourth largest city in the country. Dallas, San Antonio, and the capital city of Austin also provide metropolitan environments for Texas city-folk. And with expanses of connective highways and interstates, visitors and locals can experience small-town pitstops as they travel from city to city, like picking up a batch of homegrown pecans or checking out the cowboy hat-topped Eiffel Tower in Paris (Texas, obviously).

The people in Texas are just as diverse as the state’s landscapes, too. In fact, in terms of cultural, economic, socio-economic, religious, and political diversity, Texas comes in as the second most diverse state in the US, just after California, with Hawaii, New Jersey, and New York rounding out the top five.

Texas also pulls the number two spot in the country for largest economy by GDP, following California. To put it another way, if Texas were its own country, it would have the world’s 9th largest economy! The Lone Star State was able to grab this spot thanks to its wealth of natural resources and plenty of space for new residents. Not to mention, lots of large companies like Amazon, Tesla, and HP are moving to Texas, further boosting the economy. Robert Allen, President of the Texas Economic Development Corporation, has said that a “highly competitive tax climate, world-class infrastructure, skilled workforce of 14 million people, business-friendly economic policies, and abundant quality of life” are responsible for bringing more and more people and companies to Texas.

It’s no secret that Texas stands out from other stands. One major way that it does so is by having a deregulated energy market. That means that Texas residents get to choose their Texas electricity plans instead of being stuck with just one option. This has opened up the floodgates of innovation; Texas is currently expanding its scope for renewable energy.

This might sound counterintuitive; after all, if the Lone Star State is known for anything, it’s “Texas Tea” – oil. And sure, nonrenewable energy sources like petroleum and natural gas may have helped Texas get to where it is today, but the state is now looking forward to renewable energy. Currently, Texas ranks first in wind energy generation and fifth in solar energy. Overall, Texas ranks as the number one state for green energy use in terms of megawatt-hours. With vast space for solar and wind farms – and residents who want to go green – Texas is sure to hold that spot for a long time to come, giving more choice to Texas residents to choose their energy plan from a variety of Texas electricity providers.

It’s easy to switch.

Interested in a time-of-use electricity plan? It’s easy to switch to a time-of-use plan with Rhythm Energy. There might be fees associated if you end your current contract, but you’re guaranteed not to have any interruption of service.  You’ll have the added benefit of drawing upon our 100% renewable energy, doing your part to help the planet.

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