Why is Rhythm’s Refer a Friend Program the best?

Rhythm Energy on Tuesday, March 14, 2023
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The Refer a Friend Program at Rhythm Energy is one of the best in the biz, and the benefits are aplenty. From the simplicity of referring friends to the benefits you and your friend(s) reap, it’s no wonder so many Rhythm customers take advantage of our Rewards Program.

How does Refer a Friend work?

For each friend you refer to Rhythm who signs up, you’ll get 10,000 Reward Points (AKA $100 in bill credits) after that friend has been a customer for 60 days and paid their first bill. And that friend will get the same 10,000 Reward Points. Compare that to the measly $25-$50 other companies are offering.

Talk about a win-win no-brainer. Think about that for just a moment. If your average bill is, say, $200, and you refer two friends, you’ll have enough bill credits banked to cover that. Just imagine if you referred 10, 20, or your whole street. You conceivably could go months and years without having to ever pay an electric bill. That’s pretty cool, in our opinion.

How to refer a friend.

Upon signup in My Account, you’ll have a link to share with your friends. You just send that around with a nice message as to why, and they just use that link to sign up. Bada bing, bada boom, you both will get 10,000 Reward Points when that friend has been a customer for 60 days and paid their first bill. And, again, just for the people in the back—there’s no limit on how many people you refer. (FYI: The plans just can’t be solar buyback and must be 12 months or longer.)

But that’s not all, folks!

We also offer rewards for doing the things you probably already do—like signing up for autopay and paperless billing. Because we’re a 100% renewable energy company, and paper bills are so 1994.

You can even use this message, to make it easier:

Hey, pal! Rhythm Energy is a Houston-based, 100% renewable energy provider, and I’m really digging their energy. And I think you will too. How does not having to pay electric bills sound? If you use this link to sign up for Rhythm Energy, we both get $100 in bill credits after you’ve been enrolled for 60 days and paid your first bill. Then you can use your unique link to share with your friends, and you get $100 in bill credits for each person who signs up with yours.

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