What Are Rhythm Energy Smart Alerts?

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Blog Hero: What Are Rhythm Energy Smart Alerts?

Even though your energy is our business, at Rhythm Energy, we’re all about finding ways to help you conserve it. That’s why we came up with Rhythm Energy Smart Alerts to help you keep track of your energy bills and usage. Throughout each billing cycle, we’ll send you tips, predictions, breakdowns, and anything in between to help you budget, make bright choices, and enjoy some peace of mind.

In your Rhythm Energy Smart Alerts, you can expect to see...

  • Your weekly energy usage, which is exactly what it sounds like. This shows you how many kWh you’ve used during the week, and what you’d pay if your bill happened right then. Summer is a high-usage time for everyone, because of our hot Texas summers.

  • Your bill projection, which is based on a Rhythm Energy proprietary algorithm. Every week, we estimate what your final electricity usage will be for the billing cycle —the kWh of energy you use times the rate you pay for that energy. We provide this projection so you can get some extra peace of mind and avoid surprises.

  • Your weekly breakdown, which compares how your energy consumption this week compares to last week’s. We break this down in both kWh and dollars, too, so you can plan easier.

  • Your bill cycle breakdown, which is exactly like the weekly breakdown, but from bill-to-bill. You’ll see how much energy you used and what you were charged this month, and how it compares to last month.

Not only can Rhythm Energy Smart Alerts help you save money, but they can help you—and us all—conserve energy and do our part for a more sustainable future. If you’re interested in learning more about Texas renewable energy and how our electricity plans can help you save money, contact us today!

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