We're all in on renewable energy.

Discover how great it can feel to go 100% green by powering your home with clean, affordable energy from sources like wind and solar.

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Feel good about your energy plan.

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Renewable Energy

Our plans are powered by green sources like wind and solar energy.

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Good for Texas

Your energy bill helps support a cleaner Texas.

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Good for the Planet

Your choice helps preserve and protect the environment for the future.

How much could you save?

Our Tech = Your Savings

You’re backing smart technology to make renewable more affordable.

Technology makes us smarter about renewable energy and about your energy use. Those smarts mean we can reduce our costs and pass on those savings straight to you. Lower bills, lower carbon footprint. Win-win!

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More Clean Energy Jobs

You’re investing in renewable businesses to drive economic growth.

It's simple. The more people who sign up for renewable energy, the more people who get employed in the industry. It helps the planet, the economy and Texas.


100% Renewable Energy Plans

You're protecting our planet to make a cleaner, greener future a reality.

We're proud to sell only 100% renewable energy plans, and we do it because we want the same things you do: healthy air for our families, thriving lakes and rivers for our communities, and a flourishing planet.

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How It Works:

When you sign up with Rhythm Energy, we make sure that your energy use supports renewables.

For every unit of energy you use, we match it up to a unit of renewable wind, solar or other renewable energy source. We make this happen by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which represent the energy produced by renewable energy sources. 1 MW of renewable energy = 1 REC.

By signing up for Rhythm Energy, you’re investing in renewable energy production and increasing the amount of renewables being used. And, since all of Rhythm Energy’s energy plans are backed by RECs that tap into renewable energy resources, you can always have confidence that you’re doing your part for a cleaner planet.

Start the switch.

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