Are HVAC and Plumbing Protection Plans Worth It?

Rhythm Energy on Monday, March 6, 2023
Protection Plans

Plumbing and HVAC protection plans act as insurance policies in case anything should happen to your systems. They protect you against expensive repairs and often include annual or bi-annual service and maintenance. If you're curious and want to know if HVAC and plumbing protection plans are worth it, you've come to the right place.

What are HVAC Protection Plans?

HVAC protection plans are exactly what they sound like - plans that protect your heating and cooling system. Most of these protection plans cover both of the major components in your HVAC system, the furnace and air conditioner, and some of them will even cover your water heater.

Most types of protection plans will pay for annual or semi-annual service checks and maintenance for your HVAC system and its various components. Depending on the terms of your plan, they will also pay for HVAC repairs, parts, and labor, to a certain extent.

While you can sign up for HVAC service plans through a local HVAC company, you can also get your protection plan when you sign up for an electricity plan with Rhythm Energy.

What are Plumbing Protection Plans?

In the same way that HVAC coverage means professional maintenance for your heating and cooling system, a plumbing protection plan provides maintenance for your plumbing system. Many plumbing protection plans will also pay for emergency repairs on burst pipes and leaking drains and will include an annual auger and camera scope of your drain lines.

If you don't have plumbing coverage, these repairs and services could cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. For that reason, investing in a plumbing service plan is often worth the cost.

How Much Do Protection Plans Cost?

When you get your plumbing or HVAC plans as a benefit of signing up with an electricity provider, your plan is usually free. However, when you sign up for protection plans directly through plumbing and HVAC companies, there's usually a monthly or annual fee involved. This can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 annually.

Are HVAC and Plumbing Plans Worth It?

Now that you better understand what HVAC and plumbing protection plans are and what they guard against let's look at whether or not they're worth the investment.

Benefits of Protection Plans

Peace of Mind

As with surge protection plans, life insurance, and health insurance, HVAC and plumbing protection plans will provide you with peace of mind. When you have protection plans, you can rest assured that your HVAC and plumbing systems will be in working order when you need them most. You can also rest assured knowing you won't get saddled with untimely, expensive repair bills, meaning that our Rhythm Energy protection plans can provide you a piece of mind.

A More Efficient System

As a byproduct of having your HVAC system professionally serviced and maintained, it will operate much more efficiently. This will result in lower electricity bills during the heat of summer when your air conditioner is working overtime. While efficiency isn't as big of a deal with your plumbing system, regular maintenance will reduce the risks of clogs and leaks in your pipes. This will result in a quicker drain time, as well as improved water pressure.

A Worthwhile Investment

In most cases, the money you spend for a plumbing or HVAC protection plan is far less than the cost of repairs. The average protection plan costs around $200 per year. The cost of a single plumbing or HVAC repair will often be double or triple that amount. Throw in the fact that you receive free maintenance on your HVAC and plumbing systems, and protection plans are often worth the investment.

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