Compare Texas Electric Companies to Find Your Best Match

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Compare Texas Electric Companies to Find Your Best Match

Comparing Top Texas Electric Companies

If you live in a part of the Lone Star State where energy is deregulated, you are assigned a utility company based on your location – and then have the freedom to choose from a variety of Retail Energy Providers, or REPs, which can vary greatly. The plan options they offer, customer service, renewable energy options, technological inputs, and user experience can all sway you one way or another when it comes to powering your home.

But with so many options, how do you decide which is best for you? In this article, we will help you make the best choice for your home or business.

Is the Price of Energy from Texas Electricity Providers Most Important to You?

For many people, the cost of electricity is a major factor in making their decision about which Texas power company to go with. The price of electricity is calculated in kilowatt hours (kWh), and it’s easy to compare apples to apples of average kWh costs at, a helpful website that posts live rates that are updated daily. The site includes rates from Rhythm Energy, as well as other providers like TXU, Reliant, Gexa, Green Mountain, and Direct.

There’s More to Price: The Plan You Choose Makes a Big Difference

It is important to note that within REPs, electricity rates vary from plan to plan. When you are considering your options, consult the electricity facts label (EFL) for each, as it will provide the cost of energy based on the type of plan you choose as well as other factors, like the length of the contract.

The different types of plans are broadly grouped into three categories: fixed, variable, and indexed rate. Fixed plans are based on the energy you are predicted to use over the lifetime of your contract, so your bill is the same every month. Variable plans are month to month, and your bill will fluctuate based on energy demand and prices. Indexed plans are typically for major consumers like manufacturing facilities, and are based on market indices including the price of natural gas.

Watch Out for Hidden Fees

When you are comparing options, keep your eyes peeled for hidden fees. These ugly surprises show up on your bill unexpectedly, and you are responsible for them. At Rhythm Energy, you always get transparent billing and clear, easy to understand usage reports so you know exactly what you’re using and where you stand. And we never have any hidden fees. Ever.

Rhythm Energy Pricing and Plans

At Rhythm Energy, we offer a range of plans to suit your needs. Our Digital Discount Plan rates start at 13.5¢ per kWh, based on 2000 kWh usage, and we reward you for enrolling in Auto Pay and Paperless in the form of bill credits. And our PowerShift plans, which offer the lowest daytime energy rate in Texas, gives you complete power over your energy and rewards you when you shift your usage to times when energy is cheaper, sometimes netting more than $1,000 in annual savings. To see the prices that are available to you, visit and enter your zip code.

We also offer a variety of other plans based on your priorities. If you’re willing to engage with a bit more complexity in your billing, a Time of Use plan might be right for you. We also offer 100% solar or wind energy plans – and even a solar power buyback plan, where you can earn bill credits for excess solar electricity that your panels generate and send back to the grid.

For more information on how to compare pricing, and what to watch out for before you sign a contract, read our article on How to Shop for Energy in Texas.

Compare Texas Electric Companies

Is the Reliability of Texas Power Companies Important to You?

When you flip on the light switch you expect the power to work, even during the storms that sometimes surge through our state. At Rhythm Energy, we’re powered by 100% renewable energy, which is highly reliable – our wind and solar generation resources are as steady as the sunrise or wind that blows across Texas, and the cutting edge technology and high storage batteries that we use to store energy help make sure that the power stays on.

And once you’re a customer, we go out of our way to protect you from inclement weather or other causes of outages. Our Rhythm Energy Protection Plans offer surge protection for major appliances like your HVAC and plumbing systems.

Does Your REP Use Technology for Grid Stability and Energy Savings?

You want your REP to be powered by data-obsessed energy experts. Today’s advanced technologies can help put you in control of your energy.

We use Smart Meters to monitor your energy usage and send real-time data, wirelessly and instantly, to your utility company. This means that rather than waiting for a meter checker from the light company to come to your home and check your meter (like in the old days), you can rely on your Smart Meter to read your meter every 30 minutes or so. This ensures the accuracy of your electricity usage reading and simplifies the billing process.

Smart Meters also are a key part of the Smart Grid, a modern electricity network that employs digital technologies, sensors and software to match the demand and supply of energy in real time, while also reducing costs and ensuring that the grid stays stable and reliable.

At Rhythm Energy, we go even further with our Smart Alerts, which detail your weekly energy usage and project your costs based on a proprietary algorithm, so you never have to be surprised by an unexpectedly high bill.

Add to this our incredibly user-friendly platform, and you’ve got the most technically advanced REP around.

Are Customer Ratings and Reviews Important to You?

After checking into a REP’s prices and reliability, another resource that many customers turn to is online ratings and reviews. You can easily Google reviews of different Texas electricity providers. At Rhythm Energy, we have more than 1,500 5-star reviews on Google – we love it when our customers share the love with us!

Is Your Texas Electricity Provider’s Customer Service There for You?

When you have questions, you want someone available with an answer. Does your REP have helpful answers available 24/7 through a Frequently Asked Questions page, and if your question isn’t answered there, are they accessible by phone seven days a week? At Rhythm Energy, our amazing Customer Care team of Texas-based energy experts is ready and willing to help, with answers to questions about signing up, energy tips and information, billing and payments, and more. For answers to FAQs, visit our Customer Care page or you can always contact us.

Is Renewable Energy Important to You?

Solar and wind energy in the Lone Star State are reliable, save money, and contribute to the state’s economy – but not every company offers you plans that are backed by 100% renewable energy. At Rhythm Energy, 100% renewable is what we do, working with utility companies to use energy generated from wind and solar generation facilities.

Can You Try Out a Texas Electricity Provider, Risk Free?

Another way that we stand out in the industry is by offering a 30 Day Test Drive. Try Rhythm Energy risk free for a month, and if you aren’t satisfied, cancel within 30 days without any termination fees.

At Rhythm Energy, we are committed to making your energy experience as easy as possible. Reliable service. Transparent pricing. The right plan to match your values. All powered by smart data, investing in local renewable energy, and with customer care that is available seven days a week.

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