Save more in Texas with PowerShift Solar Buyback 12.

Shift when you use power and sell back excess energy to maximize savings.

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Maximize your solar investment and sell to the grid.

Make the most of your investment in solar panels and get bill credits for the excess power being generated from them. With PowerShift Solar Buyback 12, Texas customers with residential solar arrays less than 20 kilowatts in capacity are eligible. So you can enjoy the reliability of the grid while never compromising on your commitment to solar energy.

Looking for the best buyback rate?

PowerShift Solar Buyback 12

Use power during off-peak hours. Sell back during on-peak hours. Shift and save.

  • Unlimited credit rollover & no cap on bill credits
  • One of the best buyback rates in Texas (energy rate only)
  • Time-dependent import and export rates

Rates starting at

All about PowerShift Solar Buyback 12


Unlimited credit rollover each month

Use any excess credits against energy-related charges.


No cap on bill credits or credit sweep

We never zero out your credit balance year to year like some other companies.


No hidden

Yup, that’s right. You’ll just have a $14.95 monthly base charge.

2 simple ways to save the most.

Welcome to the best solar buyback plan under the sun.

Shift your usage at home.

Shift your energy consumption on big appliances like your AC, dishwasher, laundry, EV charger to off-peak hours (when demand and prices are lower) to save. 

Sell back excess energy.

Sell your excess energy during on-peak hours (when demand and prices are higher) and get one of the best buyback rates in Texas.

Here’s how solar works.

Step 1

Your solar panels produce energy from the sun.

Step 2

Your home gets the energy it needs.

Step 3

Earn solar buyback credits for any energy that is not used that month.

Don’t have solar yet?

We’re here to help. We’ll gather quotes from installers, optimize your system size, and determine the right battery storage technology for free. Just visit our Solar Hub for more information.

Have solar buyback questions?

We've got answers.

This plan comes with a $19.95 base charge, as well as on- and off-peak pricing.

On-peak: High-demand time when electricity costs more, usually during the early morning, evening, or both.

Ultra on-peak: Extra high-demand time when electricity costs more, like winter mornings and summer evenings.

Off-peak: Low-demand time when electricity costs less and encompasses most daytime and overnight hours.

Customers with either a solar system size exceeding 20 kW or customers that net produce for 6 consecutive months are not eligible for PowerShift Solar Buyback 12. See your EFL and terms of service for further details.

Sell back energy when the grid is strained, and shift your energy on big appliances to off-peak hours. Simple as that.

A solar buyback plan gives homeowners a way to make money on the excess power being generated from their solar panels. In other words, you can be compensated with bill credits for the excess solar power generated from your solar system.

Texas customers living in a competitive electricity market, with residential rooftop solar arrays less than 20 kW in capacity, are eligible for this solar buyback plan. Interested in learning more? Contact our Texas based Customer Care team at 1-888-987-0432.

Rhythm will look at how much electricity the customer used (electricity for which the customer pays Rhythm), and then deduct the credit for surplus generation (electricity for which Rhythm credits the customer). Our solar buyback program credits have no cash value and can only be redeemed for Rhythm bill credits on the meter they were generated on, but can be rolled over each month. The export rate for the solar buyback credits will be at a different rate than your energy rate, and these credits can be used toward your energy rate only. They can’t be used toward non-commodity charges.

No, any early termination fee associated with leaving your previous provider is not covered for customers signing up for our solar buyback program. However, if you have a new solar installation at your home, your solar installer usually reimburses any early termination fees associated with changing your energy provider. So, we always recommend checking with them.

No, but you can earn reward bill credits if you refer a friend to a non-Solar Buyback Plan.​

Please note: Referred customer must enroll in a non-Solar Buyback Plan of 12 months or longer.

If you don't have solar panels but are interested in a solar energy plan, enter your zip code to sign up for one of our plans backed by 100% Texas solar. It only takes 60 seconds to sign up and make an impact.

Or, if you’re interested in learning more about the solar-powered potential of your home, we offer a FREE solar concierge who can give you an unbiased, honest assessment as to if your home is suited for solar and how much you could save.

We’re providing a FREE, independent, solar concierge service. We’ll give you an honest, customized assessment to see if solar is a good move for your home. Let our experts help you potentially save thousands by making sure you have the perfect solar system, installer, and quote. And be sure to check out our new solar calculator.

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