What is a Solar Buyback?

As Texas solar owners know, renewable energy resources are the future. And going solar means you’re doing your part for our planet with every sunrise. But it can also benefit your wallet!  

To put it simply, a solar buyback gives solar owners the chance to sell the excess power they generate from their panels. For example, if you live with just one other person, in a small bungalow, you may not need all the solar energy your renewable energy system generates, especially if it’s a super sunny time. With a solar buyback, you can be compensated for that excess.  

In Texas, we simply buy the excess generation, which is metered separately.  That value is given to customers in the form of bill credits.  Those credits are then applied to the electricity bill. 

At Rhythm, all our renewable energy plans participate in our Solar Buyback program, and eligible customers will be credited back for the energy charge portion of their rate on the excess energy. To learn more and see if you qualify, click here.   

More recently, we have launched our Solar Buyback 12 Plan, which has a 1-to-1 sell and buyback ratio. That means we will buy your excess solar electricity, when you have it and sell you renewable electricity, when you need it, at the exact same rate. We do this because we believe anything else would be extremely unfair. To find out more information or enroll in this plan, email us.  

We’ll also never set a limit on how much energy we’ll buy back from you, so if you simply don’t use a lot of electricity, you’re going to see a lot of bill credits!  

A few key terms that will help make sense of it all: 

  • Solar Production. The electricity that’s generated by your solar panel, can be viewed through applications and monitoring services so you can see what you’re producing.  

  • Self-Consumption. The solar production consumed by your home. It’s the energy that’s produced by your solar panels that are used in your house.  

  • Excess Energy. Exactly what it sounds like. It’s the leftover solar production that’s fed to the electric grid. Rhythm will buy this excess and your electricity bill will be credited this difference.  

  • Grid Usage. The electricity you pull from the grid when your solar array isn’t producing quite enough. This is common during high-usage months. 

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