What is a Solar Buyback?

Rhythm Team on Tuesday, June 1, 2021

As Texas solar owners know, renewable energy resources are the future. And going solar means you’re doing your part for our planet with every sunrise. But it can also benefit your wallet—thanks to solar buybacks.

A solar buyback gives solar owners the chance to sell the excess power they generate from their panels. For example, if you live with just one other person in a small bungalow, you may not need all the solar energy your renewable energy system generates. With a solar buyback, you can be compensated for that excess energy.

In Texas, energy companies—like us—buy the excess energy produced by solar panels. That value is given to customers in the form of bill credits, and they’re applied directly to their electric bills.

Signing Up for Home Solar Buyback with Rhythm

At Rhythm, we recently launched Home Solar Buyback. When you sign up for it, you can receive bill credits for the surplus energy generated from your solar panels. That means we will buy any surplus solar electricity, when you have it, and sell you renewable electricity, when you need it.

If you have solar panels on your roof at home, you could qualify for our plan. Call 1-888-987-0432 to get started. With our plan, you'll also get...

  • Unlimited Credits. There is not a cap or ceiling on the amount of bill credits that can be accumulated. Credits have no cash value.

  • No Expiration of Credits. Any unused bill credits will roll over from one month to the next.

  • No Hidden Fees. Just an $8.95 monthly base charge. Standard stuff.

  • Fixed Price for Your Term. The energy rate is fixed and will not change for the term.

Solar Buyback Frequently Asked Questions

What does Rhythm offer for a solar buyback plan?

When you sign up for Home Solar Buyback, you can receive bill credits for the surplus energy generated from your solar panels. Rhythm only offers 100% renewable energy plans, so you’ll feel great knowing that you're powering a more renewable future.

Who is eligible for this plan?

Texas residents who are generating solar power less than 20kW by means of a solar energy system installed on their home and who generate more power than they use or can store.

What is the rate, structure and term of this plan?

This 100% renewable energy plan will be a 12-month, fixed term. This locks in your energy rate for the duration of your contract. There is an $8.95 monthly base charge.

How will I receive a bill credit?

Each month, the amount of the credit will be calculated based on the customer’s net energy use. Rhythm will look at how much electricity the customer used (electricity for which the customer pays Rhythm), and then deduct the credit for surplus generation (electricity for which Rhythm credits the customer). The net of those two becomes the customer’s bill. If the customer-generated more electricity than was consumed, that credit would roll forward to the next bill. Home Solar Buyback credits have no cash value and can only be redeemed for Rhythm bill credits. Rhythm is headquartered in Texas, and we offer 100% renewable energy plans to Texans.

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