Why are my bills so high?

Here are the most common reasons.



You may have used more electricity than last billing cycle, meaning a higher bill.



Whether it was scorching hot or freezing cold, the weather may have impacted your usage and bill.

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Non-recurring Fees

You incurred fees this billing cycle, which can be found on your detailed bill.

contract changes

Contract Changes

If your contract ended, you may have been automatically enrolled in a variable-rate plan.

billing cycle

Billing Cycle

The number of days on your billing cycle may have increased or decreased, depending on when your meter was read.


Utility Charge Changes

Each year, the poles and wires companies change their prices, affecting everyone within your utility.

Here are the main components of your bill.


Energy Charge

This is the price per kWh that you pay, per your contract, and it's usually a fixed rate (unless you're on a variable rate plan).

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power lines

Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) Charges

This is what your local utility (the company in charge of the poles, wires, and getting power from the grid to your home) charges each month.



This is the amount of electricity you consume each month, which tends to be at its highest during the hot summer months.

Get real-time updates with Smart Meter Texas.

You'll get electricity usage info in 15-minute intervals.

Here are some ways to help manage your electricity bill.

Average Billing can help you budget.

Sign up and stabilize the bill amount you pay for electricity every month, across the entire year.

You can pick your own due date.

We let you pick your own due date so you can budget better. You can align your payment with your life, when you get paid, when other bills are due, etc.

Keep an eye out for weekly usage emails.

Throughout each billing cycle, we’ll send you tips, bill predictions, and breakdowns, so you'll never be left in the dark.

Check out our payment assistance options.

We have several payment assistance options to help you keep the lights on in challenging times. We've got your back.

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