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Say hello to a new kind of energy in 2021. We offer 100% renewable energy plans powered by wind and solar. No hidden fees. No tricks. Energy made easy. Find the best electricity plans in McAllen with Rhythm today.

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A different kind of energy company

Big energy makes everything hard. That’s why we decided to change the game and simplify Texas electricity. Our McAllen electricity plans are affordable, easy and good for the planet.

Wind and solar

We’re proud to offer 100% renewable energy plans in Texas powered by wind and solar.

Try us for 90 days

If you don’t love our electricity plans, leave us early without the penalty. (But we know you’ll love us).

Reduce electricity bills

With Rhythm Rewards, lower your energy bill just for signing-up for eBill, Auto Pay and more.

Support 7 days a week

Call, email, text or chat with Texas-based customer support, any day of the week.

Simple switching.
Sign up in minutes.

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No installation required

Your 100% renewable plan requires no technician visits or equipment install.

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Seamless service switch

We promise a fast and safe switch from your current energy provider to Rhythm.

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We'll tell your old provider

Our team will notify your old provider and let them know about your switch.

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We’ll cover your Early Termination Fees

You can get up to $150 in bill credits to cover your previous provider’s ETF when you switch.

See how Rhythm stacks up

View a comparison between Rhythm and other Texas energy providers on fees, rewards, and other benefits. You’ll notice why so many Texans are making the switch to renewable energy plans with Rhythm.

Rhythm vs. TXU

They directly pass on fees and trick you with "Free Nights"

Rhythm vs. Reliant

Don't rely on Reliant's energy plans to be any better

Rhythm vs. Green Mountain Energy

Mountain-high fees that will cost you a lot of green

Rhythm vs. Direct Energy

See how Direct Energy fees are as big as Texas

Frequently asked questions about McAllen electricity plans and rates

As a McAllen resident, you have the power to choose your electricity provider. And at Rhythm, we’d be happy to be your choice. We offer affordable electricity plans in Texas that are 100% renewable.

Rhythm offers renewable electricity plans in Texas that support green energy sources like wind and solar.

Renewable energy, also called clean energy or green energy, are energy sources that are naturally replenished. They include wind, biomass, hydro, geothermal and solar, among others. Rhythm’s plans are backed by 100% renewable energy.

Many McAllen residents wonder, “What is the cheapest electricity company near me?” However, that answer depends on a few things—such as the type of energy plan, how the energy is sourced and where the energy is coming from. At Rhythm, we offer affordable, fixed-rate energy plans that are designed to help you save with no hidden costs or gotcha fees.

While we can’t tell you who has the cheapest electricity rates in McAllen (because they change minute to minute), we can tell you that our renewable energy plans are affordable and simple. No hidden fees. Rewards that lower your bills. And 24/7 local Texas support.

Electricity rates in McAllen vary because rates are based on the availability of fuel, fuel costs, weather conditions and pricing regulations. At Rhythm, we pride ourselves in offering the same great electricity rates for new and returning customers. We will even pitch in $150 in bill credits to cover your old energy provider’s switching fee.

At Rhythm, we are creating an electricity company that treats you the way we'd want to be treated. Whether it's our 90-Day Easy Energy Promise (if you don't love us, leave us without the fee), Rhythm Rewards Program (where you earn points to lower your bill), Smart Alerts (which help you understand your energy usage) or local customer service (7 days a week), we want to prove to you that we are making energy easier in McAllen. And you’ll be doing your part for a cleaner, greener planet.

There are several energy providers in Texas, including TXU, Green Mountain Energy, Reliant and Direct Energy. See how we compare to other Texas electricity providers.

When it comes to finding electricity plans in Texas, there are many energy companies to choose from. To find the right energy plan and electricity provider for you, think about the kind of experience you want and what your priorities are. Do you care most about great customer support that is easy to reach? Do you want to invest in green energy, like wind or solar? Do you want to earn rewards to save money on your energy bill? Do you want to do your part for a cleaner planet? If so, Rhythm may be the right energy company for you. Check out our Texas renewable energy plans or get a quote for Texas electricity rates online.

If you live in McAllen and experience a power outage, first and foremost, it’s important to remain calm. In order to get answers as to why and for how long, you’ll need to reach out to your Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP). For general inquiries or service requests, call AEP Central at 1-866-223-8508. Unfortunately, electricity companies like Rhythm, Reliant or TXU have no control over power outages.

78501, 78503, 78504

As one of Texas' original border towns-and as part of one of its largest metropolitan areas with a still-growing population of 143,268-McAllen, Texas is bustling city and a major center for international trade, tourism, retail, and manufacturing. McAllen is especially notable for its cultural cross-pollination with Reynosa, Mexico, which lies directly across the Rio Grande, forming an international conurbation whose combined population is over 4 million.

For most of the 1900s, McAllen's economy was based on agriculture and ranching. But since the 1980s and especially after the ratification of NAFTA in 1994, international trade has taken center stage, supported by healthcare, retail, and tourism. Since 1973 the McAllen Miller International Airport and the area between Reymosa and McAllen have been designated as foreign trade zones (FTZ), offering major transportation cost savings and logistical support services for manufacturers.

Like many other towns in Texas, McAllen got its start as a railroad depot. In this case it was the St. Louis, Brownsville and Mexico Railway, which ran along the Gulf of Mexico from Brownsville down to Houston, Texas. The township was formed in December of 1905 and named after John McAllen, a local rancher who donated land to accommodate the railway and depot. This original town of McAllen grew slowly and was challenged by the growth and economic dominance of the younger nearby town of East McAllen, which eventually won the fight and took over both the land and the name.

Reynosa and McAllen are linked both by proximity and by tourism and trade. In 1941 the old bridge to Reynosa was replaced with a new suspension bridge by the city of McAllen, which charged tolls to cross it. This improved access point to Mexico made McAllen a winter resort destination for many Americans, as it still is to this day. Many Mexicans, in turn, used the opportunity to find work and engage in tourism in McAllen. In 1947 oil was discovered near Reynosa, creating a population boom in that town that had a further positive effect on trade and tourism between the two cities. The deregulation of the energy market in Texas has reduced the price of McAllen electricity plans far below the national average.

For tourists today-or for intrepid McAllen residents out to explore the city, McAllen offers plenty of attractions. Notable museums include the International Museum of Art and Science and the Veteran's War Memorial of Texas, while outdoorsy types can visit the McAllen Nature Center, go fishing or kayaking in the Town Lake at Firemen's Park, or take a swim in one of the city's three public pools. Of note is the award-winning McAllen Public Library, which was retrofitted out of a defunct Wal-Mart. Over half the population is McAllen is Hispanic in origin, so Hispanic culture in McAllen is a strong current.

Many annual events draw crowds from both sides of the border, including the Fourth of July Fajita Cookoff, the Annual Texas Square Dance Jamboree, the Texas Hunters and Sportsman's Expo, the Texas Citrus Fiesta, Springfest!, and Borderfest, just to name a few.

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