Great energy rates for all. Always.

Our philosophy is simple. We reward customers’ loyalty by offering the same great rates to new and existing customers. Other companies? Not so much.

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Here’s how other companies take advantage of you…

Lure you in.

Offer deceptively low, promotional rates to get you to sign up.

Be sketchy.

Hide fees you didn’t know existed so you pay more than expected.

Increase rates.

Wait for you to renew (or forget to) so they can charge you more. Again and again. And again.

Here’s how we’re different…

We don’t penalize loyalty—we give renewing customers the same exact rate as new customers. Other companies charge renewing customers more and hide a ton of fees. Pretty twisted, right?

Use the calculator below to reveal how much you could save by switching to Rhythm Energy.

Savings with Rhythm


* Savings are estimations as of January 2022

Hidden Fees

We’re the electricity industry’s bright spot.

Yup, that’s right. You’ll only get a fee if you’re late on a payment, have insufficient funds in your account, leave us after 30 days before your contract expires or we disconnect you for non-payment.

What you sign up for is what you get. We’ll never surprise you with jacked up rates, because jacked up rates aren’t cool.

Lock in a rate for added price peace of mind and take all the annoying guesswork out of your bill.

All our electricity plans are backed by 100% renewable energy sources like solar and wind. Feel good about it.

Get started now.

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