What is a Solar Buyback?

Rhythm Research Team
Rhythm Research Team on Tuesday, June 1, 2021
Solar Buyback

As Texas solar owners know, renewable energy resources are the future. And going solar means you’re doing your part for our planet with every sunrise. But it can also benefit your wallet—thanks to solar buybacks.

A solar buyback gives solar owners the chance to sell the excess power they generate from their panels. For example, if you live with just one other person in a small bungalow, you may not need all the solar energy your renewable energy system generates. With a solar buyback, you can be compensated for that excess energy.

In Texas, energy companies—like us—buy the excess energy produced by solar panels. That value is given to customers in the form of bill credits, and they’re applied directly to their electric bills.

All about Rhythm Energy's Solar Buyback Plan

Renewable energy is the future, and we like to reward those who think the same. Here’s what you can expect with every sunrise.

  • Unlimited credit rollover month to month

  • Fixed price buyback rate

  • $9.95 monthly base charge

  • 100% renewable electricity for the contract term

Frequently Asked Solar Buyback Questions

What is a solar buyback plan?

A solar buyback plan gives homeowners a way to make money on the excess power being generated from their solar panels. In other words, you can be compensated for the excess solar power generated from your solar system.

Who is eligible for Rhythm Energy's solar buyback plan?

Texas customers living in a competitive electricity market, with residential rooftop solar arrays less than 20 kW in capacity, are eligible for this solar buyback plan. Interested in learning more? Contact our Texas based Customer Care team at 1-888-987-0432.

What is the rate, structure, and term of Rhythm Energy's solar buyback plan?

This 100% renewable energy plan will be a fixed term for 12 months. This locks in your Energy Charge rate for the duration of your contract. There is a $9.95 monthly base charge for this plan. Transmission distribution charges and taxes are all passed through.

How will I receive my credits?

Rhythm Energy will look at how much electricity the customer used (electricity for which the customer pays Rhythm Energy), and then deduct the credit for surplus generation (electricity for which Rhythm Energy credits the customer) up to the monthly consumption in that billing period. Solar Buyback plan credits have no cash value and can only be redeemed for Rhythm Energy bill credits in that billing cycle. Bills can only be used for Energy Charges for the meter that they were received on.

What are the benefits of solar power?

Solar power, also called solar energy, is power that comes from our biggest star, the sun. It's one of our favorite green energy sources because it's clean, renewable, and oftentimes local.

To learn more about the benefits of solar energy and how it works, visit our blogs:

Does Rhythm Energy cover early termination fees from previous solar companies?

No, any early termination fee associated with leaving your previous provider is not covered for customers signing up for our solar buyback offer. When it comes to the benefits of it, it is one of the best solar buyback plans in Texas. However, if you have a new solar installation at your home, your solar installer usually reimburses any early termination fees associated with changing your energy provider. So we always recommend checking with them. To learn more about solar panel installation, visit our blog: How to Install Solar Panels in Texas.

Will I earn Refer A Friend bill credits if I refer a friend to a solar buyback plan? ​

No, but you can earn reward bill credits if you refer a friend to a non-solar buyback plan.​

I don't have solar panels but want to go green with a solar energy plan. Does Rhythm Energy offer those?

If you don't have solar panels but are interested in a solar energy plan, enter your zip code to sign up for one of our plans backed by 100% Texas solar. It only takes 60 seconds to sign up and make an impact.

Think solar might be on your home's horizon? Our free solar concierge is here to help.

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