Are Surge Protection Plans Worth It?

Rhythm Energy on Friday, December 16, 2022
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In Texas, you would shock absolutely nobody if you said the weather is unpredictable. And when a hurricane, freeze, tornado, or high-wind storm damages a powerline, transformer, or electrical plant, that can cause unexpected surges to your home, and that can damage (or ruin) your pricey appliances and electronics.

Couple that with the potential for faulty wiring, uneven electrical overload of your appliances, and defective circuits, it’s a wise move to at least consider some sort of surge protection plan for your home.

What exactly is a power surge?

Sometimes called “transient voltage,” a power surge is an unexpected, drastic increase in voltage in the power coming from the wires that connect to your appliances and devices. Worst case scenario, the strength of the surge would be too much for your devices at home, and they could be ruined. More times than not, surges come from inside the home.

What can I do to protect my home from a power surge?

  • Have your wires inspected by an electrician, especially if you have an older home.

  • Unplug your electronics—especially those that need a lot of power—during unsettled weather and storms.

  • Use a surge protector on high-energy appliances and electronics.

  • Install high-efficiency electronics, especially your AC and refrigerator. Think of it like a car—you wouldn’t expect an old, driven car to drive has a fuel-efficient new model.

However, taking all the precautions necessary, there’s still bad luck. And living in Texas, we all know that the weather is unpredictable, and things can happen unexpectedly and fast. So we developed something that’s got your appliances, electronics, and peace of mind at heart.

Say hello to our surge protection plans - Rhythm Surge Protection and Rhythm Surge Protection Plus

What is complete peace of mind worth to you? For as little as $5.99 a month after you’ve enrolled in an energy plan with Rhythm Energy, you can get add on a surge protection plan that covers practically every appliance in your home.

Rhythm Surge Protection ($5.99/month)

  • Up to $2,000 for repairs to or replacements of qualifying appliances

  • 12 months of peace of mind

  • Cancel any time, penalty-free

  • No deductible

Rhythm Surge Protection Plus ($8.99/month)

  • Up to $5,000 for repairs to or replacements of qualifying appliances

  • 12 months of peace of mind

  • Cancel any time, penalty-free

  • No deductible

What items are covered under my surge protection plan?

Covered electronic items are generally limited to items that can be plugged into an electrical outlet inside the home which are damaged by an electrical surge. However, exclusions apply. See terms and conditions for details.

What documentation do I need to provide with my claim?

Customers must complete a claim form provide the following documentation within 60 days after the electric power surge event was reported to Rhythm:

  • An invoice or other documentation from a qualified technician licensed by the State of Texas on that technician’s letterhead (which contains the technician’s license number and all applicable contact information) and:

  • Identifies the damaged electronic item by make, model and serial number,

  • Includes a statement that the damage to the item was caused by an electrical power surge event and the date of that event, and

  • Describes either the repair services performed and their cost, or the reason the item is not repairable.

Can I enroll for surge protection plan from Rhythm if you are not my Retail Electricity Provider?

You can enroll in Rhythm’s surge protection plan only if you sign up for an electricity plan with us.

How do I cancel my surge protection plan?

Call us at 1-888-7RHYTHM to cancel your surge protection plan.

Learn more by visiting Rhythm’s Surge Protection Plan page.

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