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Rhythm Research Team
Rhythm Research Team on Wednesday, December 8, 2021
Blog Hero: Top 6 EV News Resources

The world’s energy landscape is changing rapidly. Shifting from fossil fuels to clean energy, there is a wave of excitement about electric vehicles (EVs). But with all the innovation, development, and hype, it can be hard to know what to pay attention to. Rhythm Energy has rounded up 6 of the best news sources for the EV industry to keep you up-to-speed.

Green Car Reports

Green Car Reports focuses exclusively on cars and issues related to the transportation industry. The site has a simple, easy-to-navigate layout that allows viewers to quickly find the information they want and dive into topics of interest.

The site hosts content related to both battery electric vehicles (what most think of when they hear the term ‘electric vehicle’) and plug-in hybrids (which use both a gas-powered engine and battery-charged motor). In addition, the site offers insight into other questions people might have about the EV industry and related topics, such as exploring the environmental impact of ride-sharing apps like Uber or thinking about the future of camping with electric minivans and EV towing capacity.

New content is released daily, giving readers plenty of information to satiate their EV appetite. For those wanting to gain an inside look at what it’s like to drive different EV models, Green Car Reports offers a segment on ‘First Drives.’ In each First Drive article, the test driver reveals the feel and impression from their behind-the-wheel experience. The site also shares video content and buying guides to help consumers with their purchasing decisions. If in the market for a new electric car, this site provides great depth of information to get better acquainted with your preferred cars and the EV market overall.


CleanTechnica focuses on all things clean energy, which includes a segment on the EV industry. Although the site heavily features Tesla — both in terms of car reviews and company news — it provides a wealth of industry knowledge that will help car enthusiasts better understand global market trends, significant legislation, and technological developments in charging infrastructure and batteries.

As a site that covers all things related to clean energy, viewers can read reviews and news on topics related to EVs as well as become informed on the technology and policy that shape the industry. Articles range from topics of noteworthy features such as autonomous driving to the business partnerships that are paving the way for extensive charging station buildout.

CleanTechnica posts articles from a range of contributors. It’s clear from the content that many are enthusiastic EV owners themselves, as plenty of the EV-review articles dive into nuanced topics of what it’s like to own and travel in an electric vehicle. This coverage especially pertains to Tesla vehicles and ownership.

The diversity of topics attracts a large audience, and most articles draw in a healthy comment section. If one of the articles catches your eye and inspires curiosity, the engaging CleanTechnica community is sure to embrace and offer clarity to any questions you might have.

Inside EVs

Inside EVs is a premier site to read car reviews and compare electric vehicles. With resources to help guide consumers through all stages of the EV experience — from purchasing, to driving, to charging — this site houses everything you need to know about EV style and performance in order to make an informed buying decision.

Inside EVs keeps an updated comparison list of battery electric vehicles as well as plug-in hybrids that enables consumers to make quick comparisons on price, range, battery size, and other notable features. If readers already have a favorite car manufacturer or body style preference, then they can quickly search through Inside EVs’ Makes list or search by Body Style to stay informed on news and hot topics on their favorite automakers and preferred vehicles.

The site also posts photos, videos, and hosts a podcast, creating an atmosphere for a really engaged audience. That audience engagement translates to the site’s forum, which is conveniently broken into sub-categories based on different car manufacturers or other industry-related topics.

As part of the Motorsport Network, Inside EVs allows visitors to easily connect to its sister site, My EV, which functions as a marketplace bringing together car buyers and sellers. So Inside EVs brings together the whole process— from the information to make comparisons… to the connections to purchase your next electric vehicle.


Electrek’s site has a simple, appealing aesthetic and an easy-to-navigate design that makes its information inviting and accessible. The major automakers each have their own submenu, so you can quickly find topics and EV news related to your favorite electric cars and manufacturers.

Tesla has a higher volume of content than the other electric automakers on the site. Electrek details the Tesla company story and also hosts an extensive shop of stylish and useful products for Tesla owners.

Electrek explores electric cars and other forms of electric transportation. This includes electric bikes, motorcycles, buses, and ride-sharing services like Uber and Waymo. The specified threads on Uber and Waymo make it easy for readers to stay updated on the development of the autonomous driving and ride-sharing industry. With news, announcements, and reviews, readers can get excited about the many electrified ways they can get around town, both today and in the future.

In addition to transportation, Electrek addresses green energy and climate news. There are daily articles that discuss and offer insight into Green Energy topics, providing a great news outlet for those wanting a daily dose of something new without taking the time to dive too deep.


If you are looking for car reviews from car enthusiasts, then MotorTrend has you covered. MotorTrend shares news, reviews, and buyers’ guides for all things car-related. MotorTrend reviews all major models from all major manufacturers. This extends beyond electric vehicles, yet there are search parameters to focus specifically on electric vehicles and electric trucks.

MotorTrend reviews are detailed and customer focused. They outline the physical measurements, interior design, safety features, and price of vehicles and reviews typically list the pros and cons, which takes out a lot of the guess work for prospective buyers. Many reviews also come with a MotorTrend 1-10 rating, providing a quick snapshot into what the experts think.

Whether you’re already set on your car preferences or you’re a buyer who’s completely unsure of their next vehicle purchase, MotorTrend’s Buyer’s Guide will help you narrow down your search and find a car or truck that matches your style and needs. Buyers can search by make, price, or start by exploring MotorTrend’s top picks for different car styles.


Charged has all of the news and coverage to keep you well informed on the vehicles, tech, and infrastructure making up the EV industry. Charged is an actual magazine with both print and digital versions. The website may leave you feeling a little bombarded by ads, but the information within the articles provides stellar insight into the business of the EV industry.

In addition to staying informed on EV trends, Charged will also keep you in the loop on upcoming conferences and webinars that you can attend for greater engagement with businesses, policy makers, and other EV enthusiasts.

Some studies suggest that electric vehicles will make up as much as 50% of the cars on the road by the end of the decade. To make that transition a reality, there will need to be more manufacturing of electric cars and batteries as well as significant buildout of charging infrastructure. To stay informed on this fast-paced industry, be sure to check out the resources from this list. They’ll keep you informed, entertained, and prepared when it comes time for you to make your next vehicle purchase.

We hope this list of EV news resources comes in handy. To learn more about EVs, visit Rhythm Energy's new Electric Vehicle Hub to compare gas and EV vehicles or visit our EV FAQ page.

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