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EV Tax Credit

Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Explained

The United States government is spearheading the transition to electric vehicles by offering federal tax credits.

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Electric vehicle

The Best Electric Vehicles of 2021

Here is a look at the best battery electric vehicles in 2021.  

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An electric vehicle charging

Getting Started with a Home EV Charging Station

Powered by electricity instead of fueled by gasoline, an electric vehicle (EV) is a refreshing departure from traditional transportation.

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Electric car key fob

What to Consider when Buying an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles have exploded in popularity recently, and for good reason. The technology has advanced to a point where many electric car models are now affordable for the average person.

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Tesla electric vehicle

Tesla EVs - All You Need to Know!

Electric vehicles are destined to become the future of transportation in the United States, and no company is doing more for the industry than Tesla Motors.

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Electric Car Off-Roading

Can Electric Vehicles Provide Backup Power To My Home?

Electric vehicles are enjoying rapid adoption in the United States. Approximately 1 million zero-emission cars were registered as of 2020, and charging stations seem to be popping up on every corner.

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Electric vehicle driving in forest

Are Electric Vehicles Really Better for the Environment?

Electric vehicles contribute fewer greenhouse gases vs. traditional gas-powered cars. Let’s talk about it.  

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The New Ford F-150 Lightning: The Future of Trucks

Learn more about the all-new Ford F-150 and what we think it means for the energy world.

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Electric Vehicle Incentives

Interested in learning more about electric vehicles? Check out our blog on EV incentives & tax rebates to see how you can save!

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Electric Vehicle Charging 101

Learn all about electric vehicle charging so you can get the most out of your EV.

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