Security in your energy rate. Security in your home.

Receive a SimpliSafe® Home Security system with two months of professional monitoring—a $449 value—after you sign up for Rhythm Energy’s Simply Secure 24 plan.*

Secure your energy rate and your home.

Receive a SimpliSafe® Home Security system with two months of professional
monitoring—a $449 value—after you sign up for Rhythm Energy’s Simply Secure 24 plan.*

The SimpliSafe Home Security system consists of:

  • 1 base station

  • 1 glass break sensor

  • 1 key pad

  • 1 SimpliCam HD Security Camera

  • 2 entry sensors

  • 2 free months of professional monitoring

  • 1 motion sensor

Home Security & Green Energy

Simply Secure 24

Long-term security at home and in your energy rate.

  • 24 months
  • Fixed rate
  • SimpliSafe Home Security system

Rates starting at

Here’s what you can expect.

Besides 24/7 peace of mind and 100% renewable energy.

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Select the Simply Secure 24 plan from Rhythm Energy as your new renewable energy plan.

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After 30 days, and your first paid bill, SimpliSafe will ship your home security system.

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Install & activate your SimpliSafe Home Security system in minutes & enjoy 60 days of free professional monitoring.

Here's a little bit more about SimpliSafe Home Security.

SimpliSafe makes everything about protecting your home simple. It’s award-winning, whole home protection for every window, room, and door. And their around-the-clock professional monitoring has you covered with 24/7 police, fire, and medical dispatch. Protect your home like a pro.

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That's good energy.

Best Price
Always Pledge

New and renewing customers get access to our same great deals/rates.

Rate Lock

Pay the same fixed rate throughout the length of your contract without any increases.

100% Renewable
Energy Plans

Rhythm makes it easy to do your part and chip in. Green planet, green wallet!

Test Drive

If we’re not vibing, we won’t charge an early termination fee if you leave us within the first 30 days.

Simple answers for all your SimpliSafe questions

SimpliSafe is a wireless home security system engineered with a single focus: to protect. SimpliSafe has cut out the hidden fees, long-term contracts, and pesky wires to deliver superior home protection for every room, window, and door at a fair price.

When a Rhythm customer opts-in and signs up for Simply Secure 24, they will receive a SimpliSafe Home Security system as well as 2 months of free 24/7 professional monitoring.

The 7-piece system contains the following:

  • 1 Base Station

  • 1 Keypad

  • 1 SimpliCam Camera

  • 2 Entry Sensors

  • 1 Motion Sensor

  • 1 Glass break Sensor

  • 2 Months of Free Professional Monitoring

Under the terms and conditions of the Simply Secure 24 plan Rhythm Energy customers will qualify for their SimpliSafe Home Security system after 30 days of service and their first paid bill. Once the Rhythm Energy customer is verified as having met the established qualifications, SimpliSafe will then ship out the home security system which should take about 7-10 days.

Yes, you will receive an email that informs you that their order has been processed, as well as any tracking information.

SimpliSafe offers home protection products in three key areas: theft, hazard, and smart home. To protect against theft, SimpliSafe offers entry, motion, and glass break sensors along with panic buttons and key fobs. To protect against hazards, SimpliSafe offers fire, water, carbon monoxide, and temperature sensors. SimpliSafe smart home products include the SimpliCam, Video Doorbell Pro, and smart lock.

The two free months of professional monitoring begins once the Rhythm Energy customer activates their SimpliSafe system. The customer can activate through the SimpliSafe mobile app or by calling in to SimpliSafe’s customer support (888-910-1215). In order to receive the two free months of professional monitoring, make sure to use your same email address as your Rhythm Energy sign up.

Customers can purchase additional SimpliSafe devices to their system at a 10% discount. The 10% discount is contingent upon enrollment in SimpliSafe’s professional interactive monitoring service ($27.99/month). Customers who activate the standard monitoring plan ($17.99/month) are not eligible to receive the 10% discount. Devices can be purchased online at, or within the SimpliSafe mobile and/or web app.

If you cancel your Rhythm Energy account more than 30 days after your Contract start date but prior to the Rhythm Energy contract end date, you will be assessed a $10/month Early Termination Fee for each remaining month in your electricity contract. You will also be charged a Device Cost Recovery Fee of $249, and both costs will be applied to your final bill. You will keep the SimpliSafe devices, which will continue to operate. If you wish, you can continue paying SimpliSafe for any monthly services, including the professional monitoring, which will continue until you terminate your SimpliSafe contract.

Yes! New and existing customers are eligible to sign up for Simply Secure 24.

Yes. The first two months of professional monitoring are free starting from when you activate your SimpliSafe system. After the promotional period ends, you will be charged by SimpliSafe either $17.99 or $27.99 per month depending on the monitoring plan you select.

No, there is no contract with SimpliSafe. You can pause or cancel your monitoring at any time.

You can set it up in 30 minutes. All sensors arrive ready to work. All you need to do is plug in the Base Station and place the sensors around their home. Download the SimpliSafe mobile app and follow the steps for setting up the SimpliSafe system.

Please refer to your SimpliSafe Setup guide. If you are still having trouble, contact SimpliSafe support by calling 888-910-1215. Hours of availability are: 8am-Midnight ET, 7 days/week.

Absolutely! Warranty will be assessed and established at the beginning of use depending on which professional monitoring plan the customer chooses. With the activation of the $27.99/month professional monitoring, the customer will receive a lifetime warranty on the home security system. Under the 17.99/month professional monitoring plan the warranty for the devices is three years. Without monitoring activation, the customer will receive a 60-day warranty on the devices.

If you move, you can take your SimpliSafe Security System with you and change your address with SimpliSafe by calling 888-910-1215.

A customer can pause or cancel their monitoring at any time by calling SimpliSafe at 888-910-1215.

Please contact Rhythm Energy customer care at 888-408-2955 to research the account.

Customer should contact SimpliSafe at 888-910-1215 if any of the home security devices were damaged during shipping or are not properly working.

Yes, the customer needs to call SimpliSafe to cancel at 888-910-1215. If the customer does not call in, they will be charged for the third month and each month of monitoring moving forward if not cancelled by calling SimpliSafe.

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