Your electricity company doesn’t deserve you.

Stop settling. Sign up for Rhythm Energy and get the kind of energy experience you deserve.

Ever said any of these things?

With Rhythm Energy, you never will again.

“Do NOT jack up my rates, please.” 

Price peace of mind is a beautiful thing, and that’s what we’re all about.  

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We offer our new and renewing customers the same great rates (a lot of our competitors do not).

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You can sign up for a 12, 24 or 36 month fixed rate plan or a flexible month-to-month plan.

“I am OVER the hidden fees on my bill.” 

We proudly have no hidden fees. Other electricity companies have up to 18. Yuck. We only charge a fee if… 

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You are late on a payment.

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You have insufficient funds in your account or we have to disconnect your service for non-payment.

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You leave us after your first 30 days, before your contract is up.

“Switching providers is a HUGE PAIN.” 

Signing up with Rhythm Energy takes less than 60 seconds. For real.  

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No installation required.

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Zero disruption to your electricity.

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We’ll even tell your old provider for you and cover up to $150 in early cancellation fees.

How much could you save?

Our customers love us

(and we love them right back).

That’s why we’re proud of our near-5-star rating, something literally no other energy company in Texas can say.

See how easy it is to save.

Isn’t it time your electricity provider actually cared about you?

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