Switch from your current provider, and we’ll help cover your ETF

We’ll give you up to $150 in Rhythm bill credits to help cover your old provider’s early termination fee (ETF).

We offer a reimbursement of up to $150 for early termination fees from your previous supplier when you switch to Rhythm.

Plus, we offer a 30-Day Easy Energy Promise which means you’ve got one month to try us out or leave us early without the penalty.

How can I get reimbursed for my supplier’s early termination fees if I switch to Rhythm?

Within 60 days of starting service on any Rhythm plan, send us an email with the following attached:

  • A copy of your bill from your old supplier that shows you were charged an early termination fee to switch to Rhythm.

  • The receipt for the payment you made to that supplier to pay the early termination fee.

As soon as we get the documentation, our team will verify it and then apply loyalty points equal to the value of your old supplier’s early termination fee up to $150 that can be redeemed for bill credits. Make sure you pay your first bill with Rhythm on time so you can get your reimbursement after your first 30 days on flow with Rhythm.

Please note: You will only be eligible for this early termination fee reimbursement one time and participants in any of Rhythm's Solar Buyback plans are not eligible.

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