Green Energy Transition: How Software Engineers and Data Scientists at Rhythm Drive the Change

On the 7th of June at 6pm, Rhythm Energy is hosting an event at Belgrade’s Startit Center.

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As a newcomer to Serbia, we would like to mingle with data scientists and software engineers, but also with tech industry professionals who are interested in solutions that make the transition to green energy possible.

During the second week of June, we’ll have Matt and Alex over at our Belgrade office. While they are here, we asked them to prepare two talks.

Matt and Alex

Back to Monoliths and Mono Repos – The End of the Microservice Era

Matt Camilli, Head of Engineering

Over the past decade many different technology and development fads have come and gone and none more notable than the push to adopt Microservices. Lately, we have seen the trend reversing and many going back to monoliths. Large companies that originally pushed the microservice architecture and serverless infrastructures have now abandoned the designs and have realized better developer efficiency and lower infrastructure costs.  

What happened? What lessons did we learn?  

This talk will highlight the lessons learned and what we have done at Rhythm.

Matt Camilli

The Role of Data Science in Transition to Green Energy: A Texas Case Study

Alex Bobrek, Sr. Director of Data Science and Analytics

In the past 8 years in Texas, the percentage of power generated from renewable sources (wind and solar) has grown from 11% to 40%, making Texas one of the worldwide leaders in renewable energy generation. As helpful as this is to reducing carbon emissions, this shift does make the energy system more unpredictable to operate overall, as it is dependent on the amount of wind and sunlight any given day. Similarly, increased electrification in customers’ homes (solar panels, batteries, electric vehicles) is changing energy usage patterns at the same time.  

This talk will highlight some of the opportunities where Data Science models can help reduce risk and lower customers’ bills during this transition to renewable energy.

Alex B.

Following these two talks, a 40-minute panel discussion will take place with representatives of the Serbian Data Science ecosystem


5:45pm-6pm • gathering

6pm – 6:15pm • intro talks

6:15pm – 6:45pm • Matt Camilli l Back to Monoliths and Mono Repos – The End of the Microservice Era

6:45pm – 7pm • Q&A session

7pm – 7:30pm • Alex Bobrek l The Role of Data Science in Transition to Green Energy: A Texas Case Study

7:30pm – 8:15pm • Q&A session and a short panel session with Mašinerija and Data Science Serbia representatives

8pm – 9pm • food & drinks

See you there!

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