How to Find Solar Energy Companies in Houston

Rhythm Energy on Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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How to Find Solar Energy Companies in Houston

Switching to solar energy is one of the brightest decisions a Texan can make. With plentiful southern sunshine—as we know all too well during the summertime—Houston residents can easily opt for this renewable energy source to power their homes.

If you’re wondering how to find solar energy companies in Houston, follow this simple step-by-step guide.

But before we dive in, it’s important to know what it means to go solar.

Option 1: Have solar panels installed on your roof and generate your own electricity—on-site.

Option 2: Have a plan backed by a solar farm in Texas, which pumps clean energy into the grid. You purchase Renewable Energy Certificates to verify that your plan is backed by the sun.

Step 1: Research Solar Companies

Not all solar companies are suitable for every household in Houston. Individual needs, preferences, and budgets should be considered before a company is selected. We’ll show you what to look for and some steps you’d follow if you want to go solar below.

Solar Company Types

There are four main types of solar companies that you will probably come across in your research. They each offer different benefits depending on your solar power goals.

1. Solar Electricity Provider

A solar electricity provider is just like a standard provider that relies on other fuel sources. When you opt for a solar electricity provider, you get all the environmentally friendly benefits of using solar without having a solar panel system installed on your roof.

For most Houston residents, a solar electricity provider like Rhythm may be the best choice. All you have to do is pay your monthly bill and enjoy the fact that you’re signed up for clean energy. For more information, check out our Texas solar energy plans.

2. Solar Panel Installers and Manufacturers

Solar panel manufacturers are the companies responsible for creating physical solar panels. They’ll also likely manufacture any added attachments or accessories necessary to make the solar panels work on your roof.

Usually, solar panel installers will purchase panels directly from the manufacturers. Then, the installers will place the panels on the customer’s roof or other location. While some homeowners take a DIY approach to panel installation, it is best left to professionals. Solar panel installers will be trained in the specialized equipment and tools needed to safely install the rooftop solar panels. If you opt to have solar panels installed directly at your home, you’ll work directly with the solar installers over a few visits to determine the best panel layout and power for your individual needs.

3. Solar Financing Companies

Solar financing companies are not solar power providers. Rather, they assist solar customers in getting their solar energy up and going within budget. These financing companies will often partner up with solar panel dealers and installers to develop a financing plan that works for everyone. Working with a financing company could be a great option if you don’t have the cash on hand to purchase and install a solar panel system. As the solar panels lower electricity bills, you’ll be able to make monthly payments on the panels and installation through the solar financing company.

4. Solar Panel Dealers

Just like car dealers, solar panel dealers are the place to go to purchase your physical solar panels. They often have special permission from manufacturers to sell their solar panels. The benefit of this is that you can be assured that the panels are genuine and high-quality. When it comes to the solar panel installation after you purchase from a panel dealer, you can opt to do it yourself (though this is not recommended) or use a third-party installer. Some panel dealers will also have an in-house team of professional installers for a one-stop-shopping-and-installation experience for customers.

If you have solar installed at your home, you could qualify for a solar buyback. This means that any electricity your solar panels generate that you don’t use can be sold to energy providers. Like Rhythm.

Step 2: Weigh the Pros and Cons

The next step for how to find solar energy companies in Houston is to weigh up the pros and cons of the providers you’ve found. Choosing an energy provider that brings electricity to your home is the best option for Houston residents.

Factors to Consider in a Solar Energy Company

1. Energy Rate

Before you switch Texas energy providers or plans, you should know the energy rate that you’re currently paying and the rate of the new plan you’re looking at.

Rates can be either fixed or variable. Which one is better for you will depend on your lifestyle and energy usage. A fixed-rate electricity plan stays the same over time. These will usually be the cheaper option. A variable energy rate changes with the cost of wholesale energy. Because the cost of electricity depends on the market, your monthly energy bill will likely be different every month. This can make it challenging to stay on top of your monthly budget.

2. Fees

Your energy rate isn’t the only charge you might see when signing up for a solar energy plan. Before you decide which company to go with, you need to check out if they have any hidden fees. This might include reviewing the fine print, but it’s in your best interest to know what kind of extra charges might pop up during your contract.

At Rhythm, we don’t believe in surprise fees. We created a solar company comparison chart, so you can see the top energy providers for Houston and any fees they charge. Note that Rhythm is—proudly—the only company that doesn’t hide any fees, so you know exactly what you’re getting and paying for.

3. Contract Length

Another factor to consider for your solar power plan is contract length. If you’re excited to finally move to solar energy, it could be tempting to do it immediately. However, before you do, you need to make sure you know when your current energy contract is ending. Ending before the official end of the contract might mean splashing out on cancellation fees. However, at Rhythm, we’re so sure that you’ll love our solar energy plans that we’ll cover the switch for you. When you sign up with us, you’ll get $150 in bill credits to help cover any fees from your previous company.

Of course, you also need to know the length of the contract you’re signing up for. The most common contract lengths for fixed-rate electricity plans are six months, one year, or two years. A shorter term could get you a reasonable rate, but it also means you’ll have to shop for a new provider (or renew your plan) more often.

If you’re looking for a solar energy plan in Texas, getting a longer-term contract could be beneficial. Solar energy is booming in the state, with solar installations growing more here than in any other state.

4. Company Reviews

You should also check out solar company reviews online or ask for references to weigh the pros and cons from personal experience. Ask friends or family about their energy provider to see if they’d be a good match for you. At Rhythm, we’re proud of our near-5-star rating.

5. Perks

While not the most important factor, perks offered by each solar energy company shouldn’t be completely ignored. Just make sure to read carefully because some incentives could come with a catch that could hurt you in the long run.

Extra offers should make things cheaper or more convenient for you. Rhythm offers Rewards Points, which can help you save money on your bill each month – without any hidden agenda. It’s simple. You can get points for enrolling in Auto Pay and Paperless, and you can get $100 in bill credits for each friend you refer who signs up.

Step 3: Sign Up for Solar

At Rhythm, we believe solar energy should be available to every Texan, and our mission is to make that happen. If you don’t have solar panels at home, our Texas Shine Plans harness the sun’s power at solar farms across Texas, and it can power your home. If you have solar panels already or are considering them, our Solar Buyback Plan pays you for the excess energy you generate.

There’s no wrong way to go solar. If you’re ready to make the switch in Houston, give us a call at 888-774-9846 or enter your zip code to find solar plans near you.

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