Moving Utilities: A definite guide and a checklist

Rhythm Energy on Tuesday, August 22, 2023
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Moving to a new home is an exciting chapter in your life, but it can also be overwhelming. Luckily, you don't need to worry – we're here to make it simple. Our easy-to-follow guide will help you switch your essential services smoothly, so you'll have everything set in your new home as soon as you move in. Let's check the key steps for moving utilities to your new home.

How Do I Transfer Utilities In Texas?

Although it is not the most enjoyable task, moving utilities is one of the most important ones. Nobody would want to start off their first night in a new home without essential services like hot water, electricity, or internet. Contacting and scheduling utility providers begins even before you start packing your stuff, ensuring a smooth and easy moving process.

Planning in Advance

When it comes to moving utilities, timing is essential. Starting the process on time ensures a smooth transition and guarantees that basic services will work from the moment you arrive. Ideally, start the process 2-4 weeks before your move. This will give you time to notify providers, schedule appointments, and ensure services’ seamless transition to your new home.

What is in the utilities sector? The next thing you should do is create a list of the utility service providers where you already have accounts. The utility sector contains many services necessary for modern living, and here's a quick reminder to those that you'll definitely need to transfer before moving to Texas:

  1. Electricity

  2. Water and Sewage

  3. Natural Gas

  4. Internet and Cable

  5. Phone Services

  6. Trash and Recycling

  7. Security Systems

For better organization, write phone numbers and your account numbers next to each service provider. This will help you when you start calling the providers to transfer or cancel the service.

Checking for Utility Companies in your Area

Many utility companies offer services in specific areas and towns, so you should check the availability for your location. Sometimes, you might be able to stay with the same provider, transferring service to your new place. In this case, the process of moving utilities is straightforward - you just need to call your utility provider and update your new address. For example, Rhythm Energy offers electricity services across Texas, enabling customers to transfer electrical services quickly. Additionally, you can opt for home protection plans to secure your appliances. Say hello to peace of mind.

Contacting Utility Providers

The next step on your moving utilities checklist is calling each provider on time to inform them about your moving. You should call providers 2-3 weeks in advance. In case you need to book the installation appointment, like with internet and security providers, it's better to contact them a month before moving.

Just like you need to connect utilities at your new home, you also need to disconnect your current services. It would be smart to schedule the disconnection of services like gas and electricity a day or two after your move. This way, your utilities stay functional while you're moving out, so the lights, AC, and heater will still be operational just in case you need to come back to the house. Likewise, ensure that your electricity and water are activated a day before you move into your new home. Rhythm Energy offers same-day electricity connection, enabling fast and easy services to its customers.

Can You Choose Your Utility Company In Texas?

Moving utilities when moving the house in Texas allows you to choose your electricity provider. You should remember that you are moving to a deregulated energy state, meaning that the local energy market is open to competition. This enables you to choose your electricity provider based on your preferences, utilize Time Of Use plans, and benefit from lower electrical bills.

Checking HOA fees

Another thing you should keep in mind is to check if the house you're moving in is a part of the homeowners’ association (HOA). In that case, you might not need to pay basic utilities, as they are already covered by HOA fees. But, how much are utility bills per month in the US? It really depends on many factors, such as location and the type of property, but HOA fees can range from next to something to a few thousand bucks.

Updating Your Address

In our Moving to Texas Guide, we discuss things you should do when planning your move. One of them is to update your address with USPS. This way, you may rest assured that your new bills will come to the right place and on time.

Paying Bills Before Move

Before you pack your suitcases and boxes, ensure that you settle any outstanding bills. We recommend you call your utility providers and ask them about any unpaid amounts. If you have unsettled debts, now it's time to pay them and avoid overdue. This way, you can make a fresh start in your new home and also avoid outstanding balances that can hurt your credit score.

Arranging the Final Meter Audit

Before you move, ask your utility providers to perform the last reading for gas, electricity, and water meters. Keep copies in case you need proof of billing discrepancies. This way, you'll protect yourself from paying unnecessary charges.

Energy Audit of Your New Home

Finally, once you’ve moved into your new home, you should schedule a technician to come and conduct a home energy audit. It will let you know if you need to repair anything, like air conditioning or your home’s heating. Simple fixes like these and lining yourself up with one of our Rhythm Energy plans, you can save money on electrical bills and contribute to energy efficiency.


How do I set up electricity in Texas?

To set up electricity in Texas, you need to choose an electricity provider, select a plan, and provide the necessary information.

Can you switch energy providers in Texas?

Yes, you can switch energy providers in Texas because the state's deregulated market allows consumers to choose from various providers.

What is the average Texas utility?

The average Texas utility bill varies depending on different factors, such as location, household size, and energy consumption. You can always check with local utility providers for average utility costs.

Which is the best energy company to switch to?

The best energy company depends on your needs, but if you choose Rhythm Energy, you'll enjoy many benefits, such as same-day electricity, affordable TOU rates, and renewable energy.

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