Moving to Texas: A Comprehensive Guide for Prospective Residents

Rhythm Energy on Wednesday, August 16, 2023
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From adjusting to a new environment and cost of living to exploring job opportunities and culture, various factors that must be considered before moving to Texas. Luckily, our guide covers all the essentials needed to know before moving to the Lone Star State.

What to Do First When Moving to Texas?

As one of the states with the fastest-growing economy in the US, Texas opened its doors to 230,961 new residents in 2022. The state attracts people for various reasons, including affordable housing, amazing nature, and a vivid cultural scene. But beyond the captivating aspects of moving to Texas, there are essential to-dos to check off before heading South. Here's what you need to know to ensure a smooth relocation.

Update Your Personal Information

The first thing you should do after moving to Texas is to update your documents. Logically, you'll need to change your address, which can be easily done online with USPS. Documents, such as a driver's license or a vehicle registration, should be also updated. Note, however, that these processes are time-limited. While you can drive with a valid driver's license for up to 90 days, you will need to register your vehicle within 30 days of moving to Texas.

Choose Your Electricity Provider

If you've recently moved to Texas from a state with a regulated electricity market, you might need clarification on this transition. As of 2002, Texas has a deregulated energy market. But what does it actually mean? Before deregulation, a local utility company controlled the generation and distribution of electricity. This way, consumers had limited choices and no transparency when it comes to costs. However, with the passage of Senate Bill 7, the market opened up to competition, allowing multiple retail electric providers (REPs) to enter the scene. As an award-winning energy provider, Rhythm Energy offers a wide range of electrical plans that are flexible and cost-effective.

How to Get Electricity Turned On the Same Day?

If you thought that getting electricity turned on the same day was impossible, well, you were wrong. Thanks to technological advances, you can now enjoy same-day service for electricity connections. The secret is a smart meter. Smart meters have revolutionized electricity services in Texas, enabling Rhythm Energy to remotely connect or disconnect electrical power. This technology eliminates the need for on-site visits, allowing the same-day service possible.

How to Get Electricity to Your Home In Texas?

To get electricity to your home in Texas, you should follow a few simple steps. Firstly, compare different Rhythm Energy plans. You should provide your zip code and email address on the website to get personalized results for your location. Then, you need to review the plan options, including contract length, pricing structure, and any additional benefits. After selecting the plan that fits your need, you need to complete the sign-up process by providing the necessary information and confirming your choice.

It’s a Booming Economy

One of the most important things you might face when moving to another country is a job search. However, moving to Texas can offer a diverse and thriving job market, providing numerous opportunities to explore and secure employment. In March 2023, Texas achieved remarkable milestones, setting new records for the largest civilian labor force and the highest number of people employed in the state's history. With a strong economy, various industries, and a business-friendly environment, Texas can ease the stress of finding a job during your relocation.

Be Aware of the Warm Weather

One of the things people forget to check when moving to Texas is the weather. The state's diverse climate, with extremely hot summers and mild winters, can catch some newcomers off guard. Summers can be particularly hard because of high temperatures and humidity. Daily temperatures in Texas can soar up to 93°F during the hot summer months. Rhythm Energy moving plans offer additional protection for your appliances from unexpected power surges that can easily happen.

Heavy Traffic is a Part of Texas Life–Embrace It

Heavy traffic is an integral part of life in Texas. As one of the most populated states in the U.S., Texas cities, urban areas like Houston, Dallas, and Austin, have a ton of people out and about, leading to hand-wringing traffic. As a future Texas resident, you should learn how to plan your travel times accordingly, using alternative routes or public transportation options if available.

Lower Taxes

One of the significant advantages of moving to Texas is the lower taxes compared to many other states. With no state income tax and generally lower property taxes, residents can enjoy a more favorable tax environment, keeping more of their hard-earned money. This financial benefit is one of the reasons why many people find Texas an attractive place to move.

Register to Vote

Another thing to consider after moving to Texas is registering to vote. While it's important, you don't need to rush into it immediately. Texas allows online voter registration, making it convenient and accessible. You will have enough time to complete the registration process and ensure you can exercise your right to vote in local and national elections in your new Texas community.

Update Your Health Insurance

When moving to Texas, don't forget to update your health insurance. While some insurance providers operate in all states, others might limit their services. Check with your insurer if the coverage extends to your new location.

Is it worth relocating to Texas?

Texas offers many benefits to its residents, including affordable homes, diverse job opportunities, and deregulated energy market. If you're looking for a place with lower costs of living, relocating to Texas could be a worthwhile decision for you. Before you make any move, read our moving to Texas guide to learn about the Lone Star State.

What are the 3 requirements when moving to Texas?

When moving to Texas, there are many things you should do to ensure a smooth transition. However, the following three are essential and should be done in a timely manner:

  1. Provide proof of residency: This is mandatory for all newcomers. However, to become a resident, you typically need to spend six months out of a 12-month period in Texas.

  2. Change your mailing address: Update your mailing address with USPS to receive mail at your new Texas address.

  3. Register your vehicle: Make sure you registered your vehicle with the Texas DMV within 30 days of your arrival.

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