My Experience When Moving from California to Texas: 10 Things I Wish I Knew

Rhythm Energy on Wednesday, August 16, 2023
Moving to Texas Guide

Moving from California to Texas can be exciting, but it’s also a lot of work. I passed through that recently and made a list of 10 things for those planning to move to Lone Star State. Here, you’ll find more about Texas weather, transportation, and cuisine. I’ve also included information on housing in Texas, tax benefits, and how to choose the most affordable electricity provider.

What Do I Need To Know Before Moving To Texas?

In 2022, Texas experienced a significant net domestic migration of over 230,000 people moving into the state, which makes it the second state in the US when it comes to moving in. Undoubtedly, Texas is one of the most attractive choices for individuals seeking new opportunities in some of the country's big cities, such as Dallas or Austin. But, why are people moving to Texas? Is it because of the benefits of a deregulated electricity market, closeness to the Gulf of Mexico, or other factors? I present you 10 things I wish I knew before moving to Texas:

Be Ready for High Temperatures

The first thing you should know when moving from California to Texas is the hot weather. Texas experiences a hot climate with scorching summers, especially in the central and southern parts of the state. High temperatures are common here, surpassing 90°F. Instead of staying in your home with AC during hot Texas summers, search for outdoor activities and public spaces to beat the heat. Not only will you make the most of TOU rates, but you’ll also contribute to renewable energy initiatives.

Affordable Houses

Despite the rise in housing prices during 2022, purchasing a house in Texas remains affordable compared to big cities in California. Add to this the low cost of living, and Texas becomes an attractive option for homebuyers seeking affordability without compromising quality of life. If you’re not sure which city in Texas is the right option for you to move to, our moving to Texas guide can help you pick the right place for your new life.

Deregulated Energy Market

Another thing you should be familiar with before moving to Texas is the electricity market. Texas has a deregulated electricity market, which means consumers can choose their electricity provider. This competition encourages lower prices, innovative plans, and improved customer service. Rhythm Energy enables residents to find affordable energy plans that fit their needs and promotes a more efficient and responsive energy market.

Booming Job Market

Over the past 12 months, Texas has emerged as the national leader in job growth, surpassing other states. The Texas job market is thriving, offering various opportunities across various industries. With a robust economy, business-friendly policies, and a pro-growth environment, Texas attracts job seekers looking for employment prospects and career growth.

Car is Necessary

If you decide to move from California to Texas, bear in mind that you'll definitely need a car. Texas is a huge state with big cities where most of which offer limited transportation options. Although Austin has a well-organized public transportation system, allowing you to move easier, it's not like that with other cities. Having your vehicle in Texas gives you the freedom to move faster and explore the diverse landscapes the state has to offer.

Amazing Nature

Texas offers a wide range of breathtaking natural wonders. From the Big Bend National Park and its canyons to the captivating beaches of Padre Island National Seashore and the majestic Palo Duro Canyon, the state offers an array of exciting places to explore and admire.

No State Income Tax

So far we know that Texas has a breathtaking nature, diverse entertainment offerings, and a booming job market. But, why are people moving from California to Texas, really? There’s one compelling reason: low taxes. The appeal of a favorable tax climate motivates many to relocate, seeking financial benefits and a more affordable way of life. Texas doesn’t have an income tax, which is the reason why so many entrepreneurs are moving companies from California to Texas. Moreover, Texas property taxes are also lower than in California, making it the first choice for homebuyers.

Heaven For Food Lovers

Texas is a small food lover's paradise, offering a delicious culinary experience. In addition to mouthwatering barbeque, where smoked meats reign supreme, you will enjoy flavors of innovative Tex-Mex cuisine in modern restaurants. You can see taco trucks all around with delicious tacos, quesadillas, and tamales. Think of any cuisine, and Texas has it.


If you're a fan of concerts and music festivals, Lone Star State is the place to be. Texas has a diverse music scene, hosting numerous concerts every year. A well-known Space Center in Houston attracts thousands of people annually, while the presence of companies like SpaceX and NASA's rocket launches adds to the state's attraction as a hub for space exploration and innovation.


Texans are known for their warm and friendly nature, often welcoming newcomers with open arms. However, it's better not to underestimate their fierce loyalty and determination. Texans have a strong sense of pride and community, but crossing them is not advisable.

Is it better to live in California or Texas?

It really depends on your needs. California offers stunning natural beauty, cultural diversity, and an amazing arts scene, but it comes with a higher cost of living. Texas, on the other hand, offers advantages such as low costs of living, a favorable tax environment, sustainable energy provides, and a strong sense of community. On top of that, natural wonders in Texas, such as Palo Duro Canyon State Park or Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve, will blow your mind. It’s not a surprise why so many people choose to move from California to Texas.

Is moving to Texas a good idea from California?

The benefits of moving from California to Texas are numerous, including low costs of living, affordable homes, and a diverse job market. Moreover, Texas has an amazing cultural scene and wonderful nature, making it an attractive place for many Californians. Before making the final decision, consider your priorities, research the areas you're interested in, and make an informed decision based on your personal needs. While we cannot decide on your behalf, our blog might be a valuable resource before making a final move.

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