What Is an ESI ID Number?

Rhythm Energy on Friday, June 18, 2021
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An ESI ID number, sometimes also referred to as an ESID, is an “Electric Service Identifier.” This 17- or 22-digit number found on your electric bill is a unique number, which is assigned to every meter connected to a home or business in the Lone Star State.

Why Do I Need an ESI ID Number?

You’ll need an electric service identifier when you’re in the market for a new electricity plan in Texas, for either your home or business. Your Regional Energy Provider (REP) will use this number to help you get electricity squared away at your property address because it helps answer two questions: What utility services my home, and what are my electricity plan options?

What Does an ESI ID Mean?

It’s your identifier. Each ESI ID is unique to your meter, which can be found outside your home or complex, and it lets you know which utility company is available to you. Each electricity service provider in Texas has a unique numbering sequence—much like how the first few numbers of credit cards begin similarly. For example, CenterPoint begins 10089, and Oncor begins 1044. By knowing your ESI ID, you’ll quickly be able to figure out which electricity plans are available to you at your location. It also helps verify your identity and calculate possible savings in your area by switching to a new provider.

At Rhythm Energy, we make finding your ESI ID easy, because we put it right on your account:


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