What Is an ESI ID Number (and How to Find It)?

Rhythm Research Team
Rhythm Research Team on Friday, June 18, 2021
What Is an ESI ID Number (and How to Find It)?

What Is an ESI ID Number?

As a Texas electricity customer, you have likely heard of ESI ID numbers, but you might be curious as to what they are and how they are related to your energy bill. Read on to learn all you ever wanted to know, and why this knowledge is helpful.


However utility companies spell it, it means the same thing: Electrical Service Identifier. The short explanation of what they are and why they matter is that each home, business, or other property that gets electric power is assigned a number to monitor the amount of electricity that location uses, which is used to calculate your bill.

Think of it like your social security number, but for your electricity.

When Am I Assigned an ESI ID Number?

When you sign up for Rhythm Energy, you’ll get an ESI ID linked to your electric meter and assigned to your address location, which is printed on every bill. It’s not the same as your meter number – if you upgrade your meter or have it replaced, your ESI ID will stay the same, and if you have multiple meters on your property, you will also have multiple ESI IDs. Unless your retail energy provider offers combined billing, each ESI ID at your property will receive its own bill.

What If I Don’t Have an ESI ID?

In the parts of Texas where electricity is regulated, you might not have one. But in most of our great state, energy is deregulated and so you’ll be given one by your retail energy provider when you set up a new account.

What Do the Numbers in My ESI ID Mean?

All of those numbers, typically 17 to 22 of them, make up the unique identifier of your home or business. Every utility company follows a similar numbering format, overseen by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). The first two numbers are always “10,” followed by a five digit code assigned by the Department of Energy to the utility company that provides your energy. After that, the remaining numbers are created for and assigned specifically to your account.

Can I Determine My Utility Company from My ESI ID?

There are different energy companies operating in Texas, which provide electricity to retail energy providers. Two that work with Rhythm Energy are Oncor and AEP.

  • Oncor ESI ID: Oncor is one of the largest electricity distribution companies in Texas, supplying a significant portion of the Lone Star State. Properties that use their energy have ESI ID numbers that always start with either 1044372 or, for customers in East Texas, 1017699. After the initial digits, there is a unique 10-digit code for your account.

  • AEP Texas ESI ID: AEP Texas is another major utility company in the state. Depending on your location, the ESI ID number will start with 1000288 (AEP Texas Central) or 1000078 (AEP Texas North). After that, a 9-digit code is used for each premise.

How Are ESI ID Numbers Important for Transparency?

As part of our commitment to be the most transparent retail energy provider in Texas, along with your weekly usage reports and bill predictors, you can use your ESI ID number to determine and track exactly what you’re being charged on each and every bill.

Why Else Might I Need an ESI ID Number?

  • It is required when you apply for new electricity service from providers in Texas’ deregulated regions

  • It helps identify location-specific pricing for solar and other energy plans

  • It enables retail electricity providers like Rhythm Energy to access your energy usage data and offer more competitive rates.

Moving in Texas and ESI IDs

If you’re moving to the Lone Star State or to a new house or apartment in deregulated areas, one of the most important tasks to tackle is setting up electricity in your new home. At Rhythm Energy, we make it quick and easy to sign up for great plans like our Time of Use plans, but you’ll need an ESI ID when you do.

Electrical Outages and ESI IDs

If you ever experience a power outage and need to report it, having your ESI ID handy makes it easier for the utility company to help identify the exact location of your meter, so they know where to send crews to restore service more quickly. If you want to do this online, visit Oncor’s outage reporting page or this one for AEP.

ESI ID Number

How Do I Find My ESI ID Number?

There are two easy ways to locate your number. The first is on your bill, where it should be listed beside your account number. The second is using a free ESI ID Lookup Tool online like this one at ElectricityPlans.com. Simply enter your zip code and address in the search bar, and you’ll see the following:

  • Your ESI ID number

  • The type of premises: residential or commercial

  • ESI ID number status: active or currently de-energized

  • The utility that provides electric power to the property.

What Does “Inactive Meter” or “No Address Found” Mean?

If you tried to locate your ESI ID number online but the results show "Inactive Meter," it means that this meter is no longer in usage and you need a new one. “No Address Found” usually means that a building is new, so the first thing you need to do is to get meter equipment and an ESI ID number. In either situation, your next step is to reach out to your local utility company.

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