What Is an ESI ID Number?

Rhythm Energy on Friday, June 18, 2021
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While the term ESI ID isn't new, it's often unfamiliar to many consumers. You can think of it as a special ID for your place, whether it's your home or your business. It's like a unique code that helps keep track of all the electricity flowing in and out, and much more. Read our blog post to find out more about ESID Number and its purpose.

What is ESI ID?

An ESI ID number is a number that shows the physical address of your property, i.e. the place where you receive electricity. If you are wondering “What does ESI ID stand for?”, here’s the answer. ESI ID (pronounced "Easy I.D.") stands for “electrical service identifier". You can also stumble upon other similar names, such as ESIID, ESI ID, or ESI-ID, but they all refer to the electrical service ID identification number.

As its name implies, ESI ID is connected to the electric meter. The ESI ID number is assigned to every commercial or business property so that utility companies can easily identify the consumer and check how much electrical power is used. That said, once you choose a Rhythm Energy plan, you automatically get your ESI ID assigned by your utility company.

The ESDI number is assigned to each meter and it has to be a unique one. You are probably wondering: How do I find my Texas ESID number? The thing is that most often you cannot see your Texas ESID number on your physical meter. Your utility company will assign you the number but it has nothing to do with the metering equipment. The only way to check your ESI ID number is by using a free ESID Lookup Tool. Alternatively, you can see your ESI ID number on your electrical bill. It is usually listed under your account number.

What Does the ESI-ID Number Mean?

In the United States, every home and business has an ESID number. You can think of an ESID number as a super important ID number for your home, just like your social security number or the unique code for your car (VIN). This one-of-a-kind code comes in the form of a 17 or 22-digit number, assigned to the electrical meter of your house, apartment, or business.

This unique number is assigned by your utility company creating the number based on several parameters, like your meter location. Each company has to follow the rules regarding the number format as those rules are imposed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). There are several parameters that are always the same, including the first two numbers of the ESI ID. They are always 10. After that, a five-digit code from the Department of Energy for the utility. Then, there's a special ID for your place, and this part can be different lengths. Regardless of the length, all ESID ID numbers have the same function: they're like a special name tag for your place where you get electricity.

Do I Have an ESI ID?

The question one may ask is “What is an ESI ID in Texas?” Most electric meters in homes typically have an ESII-D, but it's not a guarantee. If you're in a deregulated area in Texas where you can pick your electric provider, your meter will definitely come with an ESID. However, in parts of Texas where electricity is regulated, you might not always have one.

Why Do I Need My ESID Number?

There are many reasons why you need an ESID number. The most important reason to get an ESID number, especially for those moving to Texas, is that they must have it in order to apply for an electricity plan. Texas's deregulated area allows you to choose your electrical provider, which means that you will need an ESID.

If you are on the hunt for a solar electrical energy plan in Texas, the ESID number can help you find the best pricing option. Considering that the pricing structure varies depending on your location, your ESID makes sure you get the precise pricing details for your home.

Electricity companies, like Rhythm, also benefit from the ESI ID number. By using this number, they can find useful information, like your monthly electricity habits and your past rates, and provide you with the most affordable pricing offer.

What does an ESI ID number do?

Among many things you need to do before moving to the Lone Star State, one of the most important ones is to set up electrical power in your new house. The best thing about Rhythm’s Time of Use plans is that you can opt for one online, but to be the most efficient, you’ll need an ESID number. Thanks to the ESID number, your utility provider will enroll you in the new service quickly.

How to Find Your ESID Number

The easiest way to find your ESID number is to check your electrical bill. Another option is to use an ESI-ID lookup tool that can help you find any ESIID number you need, regardless if it’s a residential or business address. The process of finding your ESID number is straightforward, you just need to enter your zip code and your address in the search bar.

The results you’ll get will include the following information:

  • Your ESID number

  • Premise Type (Residential or Commercial)

  • ESID Number status Activity (Active or currently De-Energized)

  • The utility providing electrical power

At Rhythm Energy, we make finding your ESI ID easy, because we put it right on your account:


What is the electric meter number in Texas?

Like anywhere else, the ESID number in Texas is a unique 17 or 22-digit set of numbers provided by a utility company. There are different utility companies in Texas, like Oncor Electric Delivery and AEP Texas, both coming with the ESI IDs:

  • Oncor ESID: Oncor is one of the largest electricity distribution companies in Texas, supplying a significant portion of the state. Oncor's ESI IDs consist of 17 digits. They always start with either 1044372 or 1017699 (for customers in East Texas). After the initial digits, there's a unique 10-digit code.

  • AEP Texas ESID: AEP Texas is another major utility company in the state. The number it uses is 17 digits long. Depending on your location, the ESID number begins with beginning with 1000288 (AEP Texas Central) or 1000078 (AEP Texas North). After that, a 9-digit code is used for each premise.

What does an Inactive meter or no address found mean?

If you tried to find your ESID number, but the results show either “Inactive Meter” or “No Address Found,” your next step is to reach out to the local utility company. If the result of your search was "Inactive Meter", it means that it’s no longer in usage and you need a new one.

As for the “No Address Found” answer, it usually means that a building is new, so the first thing you need to do is to get meter equipment and an ESI ID number.

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