How to Switch Electricity Providers in Houston

Rhythm Energy on Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Blog Hero: How to Switch Electricity Providers in Houston

As the summer heat in Houston sets in, you might be watching your energy bill climb up and your bank account go down. Not exactly summer fun. But here at Rhythm Energy, we know that “big energy” can be replaced with “better energy”—and if you’re ready to make that switch, we’ll show you how.

When Should I Switch Electric Companies?

Texas is one of fifteen states where energy is deregulated. This means that you, the consumer, have the power to switch electricity providers whenever you want.

And switching providers doesn’t mean that you’ll be switching networks like you might for a phone. While energy providers in a deregulated market do compete against each other, the Public Utility Commission of Texas still regulates and oversees the actual delivery of energy. (The Public Utility Commission also maintains a helpful market directory of retail electric providers in Texas.)

This means that your energy will be arriving in exactly the same way it always has; you’ll just be paying less for it.

It’s a good time to consider switching electric companies if:

You aren’t satisfied with your current electricity provider. Whether it’s the customer service, pricing, hidden fees, or payment method, if there’s something you don’t like about your Houston electricity provider, you have plenty of other viable options.

Your plan doesn’t offer you any benefits. Free electricity and bill credits are nice perks, but you won’t qualify for them on every electricity plan, and sometimes these so-called benefits are largely offset by the size of your monthly payment.

You want to switch to renewable energy. As of 2021 Texas has shot past its sustainability goals not once but twice. Even though it is first in the country in residential energy usage, it is in the lowest one-fifth of states in per capita residential energy consumption. This is thanks to the incredible amount of competitively priced wind and solar power options on the Texas energy market.

Your monthly electricity bill fluctuates even though your energy usage doesn’t. In this case, switching electricity providers in order to get a fixed-rate plan is a good idea. With a fixed rate, your monthly payment amount is locked in for a certain period of time, instead of spiking and falling with changing prices in the energy market. This is a great option for those seeking a more stable monthly amount to base their utility budget around, or those who just want to know what to expect to pay each month.

What are the Benefits of Switching Electricity Companies?

The objective of a deregulated energy market is not just to offer lower prices, but to also give consumers access to the options that work best for them.

The ability to compare and contrast different energy rates and plans means that you can find one that best suits your specific needs, instead of a one-size-fits-all default solution that ends up falling short and costing you more than it should.

Switching electricity companies also allow you to get on a plan with an energy provider that not only meets your needs but also shares your values.

We offer fixed-rate electricity plans in Houston for a period of 12, 24, or 36 months, and new and existing customers get access to the same great rates. Each plan comes with our Easy Energy Promise, and we have Texas-based customer support available seven days a week in order to make sure that you’re satisfied!

Plus, our Rhythm Rewards program gives you simple and easy ways to earn points to lower your monthly bill. And if your old provider hits you with an Early Termination Fee, we’ve got you covered with up to $150 in bill credits.

Want to see more differences between Rhythm Energy and big electricity companies? Check out the breakdown here.

What Do I Need to Switch Energy Companies?

Even if you’re ready to make the switch from “big energy” to “better energy,” the process itself can become an obstacle if you’re not sure where to start. But all you need is a web browser and a copy of your last energy bill.

Step One: Go to and enter your zip code. This will help you compare energy plans from different electricity providers in your area and estimate your monthly bill with Rhythm Energy.

Step Two: Look at your last energy bill and locate the term “Energy Charges,” “Supply Charges,” or “Generation Charges.” This amount is the money you pay per kilowatt-hour (or kWh) of electricity and makes up the biggest part of your bill.

Step Three: Take some time to go over the other electricity providers in your area and take note of their energy rates. At this point, you can also start to compare other qualities, such as whether an electricity provider offers online payment, has good reviews, and whether it offers renewable or non-renewable green energy plans.

Step Four: Once you’ve determined who has the best plan and is the best electric company for you, all you have to do is make the switch to your new electric company. You can do this with just a few clicks either through the website of the provider. You can even call and set it up over the phone.

This process generally happens within a single billing cycle, so odds are that your next bill will be from your new energy company. No new meter, no visit from a technician, and no service interruptions.

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