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We're one of the fastest growing, most loved electricity companies in Texas. From our PowerShift plans that allow you to make small changes for big savings to our straightforward, low-priced Simply Digital plans, we've got ways to save for everyone.

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Fair pricing

Equal, fixed, transparent pricing for all customers. No hidden fees.

Fair and transparent pricing

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100% renewable energy plans

We’re committed to clean energy and a brighter Lone Star State.

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We use technology 24/7 to put you in control of your energy.

You could save $500 or more on electricity with our PowerShift Plans.

Our fleet of PowerShift Plans let you shift your energy usage throughout the day to help your wallet, the planet, and the grid. It’s perfect for those willing to make a few life tweaks, own an EV, are tech-savvy, or don’t mind some complexity.

Shift your energy and save.


With our fleet of PowerShift time-of-use plans, you now have complete power over your power.

  • 12 months
  • Time-dependent fixed rates
  • 100% renewable

Rates starting at

We crunched the numbers and compared our time-of-use plan to similar plans in Texas.

Our time-of-use plan, PowerShift, is the truest one in Texas. Traditionally, companies like to hang their time-of-use hats on FREE—free nights, free hours, free everything. But in life, nothing is free. Especially electricity.

So, while the idea of a free night of electricity might sound good, what you might not realize is that comes with a very expensive day. And we actually have the lowest daytime energy rate in Texas. And take note that we said lowest, not free.

We’re proud that our PowerShift Plans are the first true time-of-use plans in Texas. We entice you to shift power (clever name, right?) consumption of your high-energy appliances to off-peak hours to save money.

Outside of saving on your electric bill, you can look forward to a lot more.

  • You’ll have flexibility to truly make the plan your own because you’re always in control.

  • No gimmicks, no free nights. Just transparency.

  • You’ll help the Texas grid be greener and more reliable.

We’ve crunched all the numbers. The chart below shows you how much you can save with Rhythm’s PowerShift, versus popular “free” time-of-use plans in Texas.

tou chart 2

Go green without spending more green.​

Our Simply Digital Plan sources 100% renewable energy from all over the country. Our lowest-priced plan helps you also lower your carbon footprint.

$5 Monthly Credit Offer

Digital Discount 12

Get a $5/month credit with Auto Pay & Paperless, resulting in a discounted price. 

  • Auto Pay & Paperless required
  • 12 months
  • 100% renewable

Rates starting at

We’re Rhythm Energy, the *almost* perfect electricity company.

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