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Break up with your energy provider.

We’re a renewable energy company making everything easy. Even energy provider breakups. Dump your current provider, and we’ll give you up to $150 in bill credits to cover your early termination fee.

Get electricity you can
fall in love with 💜

It’s time to catch feelings for your energy company.

No Kissing

So affordable, you'll want to kiss it (but don't).

We invest in technology to make us smarter about your energy use. Those smarts mean we reduce our costs and pass on those savings to you.

Meeting the Parents

So respectful, you'll want it to meet your parents.

New and renewing customers always get access to the same great rates, and you can leave early without the penalty in the first 90 days.


So communicative, you might think it's boyfriend material.

Easy to understand bills, 7-days-a-week customer service and smart alerts help you manage and understand your energy usage.

Love Chat

So rewarding, you’ll find ways to fit it in every conversation.

Setting up Auto Pay, referring friends or using eBill earn you Rhythm Rewards Points, which can be cashed in for a lower bill.

Curious about how to
claim your ETF reimbursement?

We will give you up to $150 in bill credits toward your current provider’s
Early Termination Fees (ETF) in a few easy steps.

Ready to switch?

Contact us 7 days a week with any questions.

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