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Rhythm Energy on Thursday, June 22, 2023
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As technology advances, you save.

The cost of installing solar panels at home has plummeted over the last 10 years, as did the cost of solar-battery systems. Like anything in life, new advances in engineering and science help develop solar panels that are so advanced, they almost guarantee you savings. Panels have been developed to take entire communities and even islands 100% offline, so a simple home-solar installation can help you pocket savings, thanks to tech.

You’re in power of your power.

This means that by generating your own power, you won’t have to pay unpredictable, ever-increasing electricity bills. And depending on how much electricity your panels generate and how much you use, if you have a surplus, that can turn into a nice, profitable side hustle. There are solar buyback plans that incentivize solar customers to sell excess electricity back to the grid. By going solar there'll a win for your wallet, the planet, and the grid.

Yes, you’ll have an electric bill.

Some companies might try to pull a fast one, but that’s not our style at Rhythm. Unless your solar system doesn’t connect to any sort of inverter, you will always, 100%, forever-and-ever have an electricity bill. But it’s going to me much, much smaller. Why the bill, you ask? Because by being connected to the grid (for potential solar buyback opportunities or backup power should your solar panels not generate enough), you have to pay a small amount if you go solar. You’re paying to keep the infrastructure to deliver power to your home—if needed—in check. Kind of like a thank-you payment to the grid for having your back.

But, again, you can kiss high bills goodbye.

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