Keep your lights on, even in an outage.

Rhythm Research Team
Rhythm Research Team on Thursday, June 22, 2023
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No more blackouts.

By backing up your solar-power system with batteries, you get the glorious peace of mind that you can keep your home energized. In Texas specifically, we see a ton of weather—from hurricanes and lightning storms to freezes and ice storms. Sometimes, the grid has a mind of its own and will take a snooze for a few hours, too. When you go solar you can have the freedom to live worry-free by always ensuring you have electricity to use.

Are solar panels completely off the grid?

Most solar inverters do tie you directly to the grid—meaning, if the grid shuts down or your power goes out, your panels will not actively be generating power during that timeframe. That’s why nearly all solar customers get a backup-battery system to use during these unfortunate times. And since traditional backup generators are quite expensive (and don’t use green energy like solar backup batteries).

Another option is to use an off-grid solar system. These don’t use an inverter that is linked to the grid. To be clear, these systems are usually more money because of the immediate benefit of being completely off the grid, but they’re the cost to many people. They also can’t participate in net-metering, which is the process of selling excess energy back to your local utility company. And lastly, if your panels don’t produce enough power at any time, that means you may lose electricity after all.

But we can help determine what’s right for you and answer any questions, so you’ll never be left in the dark there, either.

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