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Rhythm Energy on Thursday, June 22, 2023
Blog Hero - What is Rooftop Solar?

If you’ve got solar, you have unlimited potential.

A home that’s 100% dependent on solar power gives you the ability to power your home completely grid independent. Especially in Texas where the grid can be volatile at times, this control over your power is indescribable. Most homeowners with solar also supplement their panels with a solar battery system, giving you the ability to keep power flowing during the non-daylight hours. These battery systems also serve as your own backup generator during power outages that may occur due to grid failure, weather, wind, or anything else.

So long, unpredictable electricity bills.

Further, when you generate and own your own power, you can avoid peak rates that can increase a traditional electricity bill. And like everything else in the world, prices for electricity are steadily climbing. Rates have crept up nearly 15% over the last decade, and there’s no say where they’ll be in 10 more years. So, with solar, you can expect to pay substantially less.

What if your panels don’t meet all your energy demands?

Valid question. Solar-powered-battery backup can help you shift your usage of traditional electricity from the grid to non-peak hours. While these rates are out of your control, by using your solar panels to power your home, say, during the daytime hours in the summer when the demand is high and using grid electricity overnight is a great solve for someone whose panels don’t cover all the demand. The energy grid serves as your safety net.

Like we said, you’re in control. By going solar you gain that power.

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