Winter is here: the season to shift your energy in the mornings

Rhythm Energy on Monday, December 11, 2023
Winter mornings coffee

Winter is here. And after the summer we powered through, we’re all for a longer stretch of cooler weather (fingers crossed). If you’re on a seasonal PowerShift plan, we wanted to remind you that there’s a new timeframe of on-peak hours in January, February, and March.

Be aware of additional on-peak hours from 6∶00am-8∶59am in January, February, and March.

On top of the on-peak hours in the evening, you’ll have another opportunity for the three-month stretch to shift power and save money. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t give you a few tips and tricks as to how you can do just that—specifically during winter.

  • Preheat your home overnight. If your home uses electric heating, this is probably the most beneficial action you can take. When it’s a chilly night, crank your heat up a bit more overnight (during super low off-peak hours) to get it toasty, then reduce your heat at 6am. Your home should be comfy, and your wallet should be happy.

  • Avoid other big appliances during on-peak hours. We’re talking dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer. Just take a bit more time enjoying your morning coffee, then run all the things after 9:00am or overnight.

  • LEDs are your pals. LED lights are more energy efficient than your traditional bulb. They also last longer, which will also save you money in the long run. Your local utility, CenterPoint or Oncor, offers discounted pricing on energy-efficient LEDs.

  • Charge your EV overnight, but make sure it’s done by 6∶00am. The lowest rates you can get with our PowerShift plans are from 12∶00am-5∶59am, so it pairs perfectly with our seasonal plans.

  • Be a curtain wizard. Shut your curtains overnight when it’s chillier to create a sealed envelope of heat in your house. Conversely, open your curtains during the day so the sunlight can naturally warm your home.

  • Place rugs on hardwood floors. You know that feeling of walking barefoot on a freezing cold floor? Putting rugs on your carpet-less floors helps trap heat and keep your feet warm.

  • Run your holiday lights and inflatables with a timer. Even though it’s still technically dark at 6∶00am, we encourage you to power off your holiday decorations by 6am. We won’t call you Scrooge.

Not too bad, right? Small changes like these can result in big savings. You’re in complete power of your power. If some of these just aren’t feasible, that’s completely understandable. We just want to put you in the driver’s seat to as many energy savings as possible. If you have questions about your plan you can learn more by logging in to your account. Go to 'Account Settings' and download your welcome packet.

Here is the Energy Charge Breakdown Table for PowerShift Seasonal Plans (as of 12/13/23):

PS Seasonal tier chart

Here is the Energy Charge Breakdown Table for PowerShift EV Seasonal Plans (as of 12/13/23):

PS EV Seasonal Charge Chart

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