Time-of-Use Plans in Focus: How Does PowerShift Stack Up?

Rhythm Energy on Tuesday, September 5, 2023
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Understanding the Landscape

Electricity Plans in Texas: Unveiling the Basics

Even with 15 years of smart meters and billions in investment, many electricity plans remain unchanged. Most Texans are acquainted with fixed-rate plans, which offer stable energy rates regardless of energy consumption patterns/behaviors/habits. However, to offer these rates, providers often increase prices to cushion against wholesale price volatility.

Fixed-rate plans are popular for their straightforward billing and predictability; however, they may not offer the lowest cost to end user. Let’s look under the hood.

The Unpredictability of Wholesale Pricing

The price of electricity in the wholesale market isn't a fixed number. Influences span from the price shifts in natural gas to varying weather patterns like heat waves and hurricanes to ebbs and flows of electricity consumption and generation. These impact supply and demand, creating significant price volatility. This volatility was on full display the last few years, where we frequently saw hourly electricity prices increasing up to a staggering +53,865% against the 12-month average price of ~9.6 ¢/kWh.

The chart below illustrates the hourly wholesale price volatility in action. Prices are observed in Dallas this summer, with the purple line representing the average price.

TOU Chart 1

Given the inherent volatility in the Texas power market, retailers often build in this fluctuation into a singular average price. This process necessitates a safety margin to prevent undercharging and safeguard their financial stability. It's worth noting that much of this price volatility peaks during the evening hours (see chart above), mandating a more significant premium added to your rate, thereby masking the true cost of peak periods.

Introducing Time-of-Use Plans

Enter the Time-of-Use (TOU) plans that should offer numerous advantages for consumers seeking to manage their energy consumption and reduce costs. But are they genuinely beneficial or just another industry tactic?

The Rise of Time-of-Use Plans: Empowering Consumers in a Dynamic Energy Market

Traditional fixed-rate plans, while offering predictability, often do not capture the evolving dynamics of energy supply and demand in real time. The integration of renewable energy, coupled with the ever-fluctuating market conditions, presupposes a pricing model that provides consumers with precise price signals mirroring the actual market state. Time-of-Use plans answer this call.

TOU Plans: Beyond Complexity to Transparent Savings

While they might initially seem more complex, TOU plans offer a more transparent view into the mechanics of electricity cost dynamics. Armed with the appropriate insights and tools, consumers can harness these plans for potential savings.

By placing power directly into the consumer's hands, these adaptive pricing structures enable individuals to make energy usage decisions that align with market realities. As consumers adjust their consumption habits during peak and off-peak hours, they are rewarded with potential savings, directly reflected in their lowered bills. This approach not only empowers consumers to play an active role in grid stability and sustainability but also incentivizes smarter energy usage.

Notable TOU plans like TXU free nights, Direct Energy Free Nights, Reliant Truly Free Nights / Weekends, Reliant Flextra Credits, Chariot Free Nights, and Rhythm’s PowerShift Plans base their charges on usage timing. But that might be where their commonalities end. We've crunched the numbers to separate the genuine from the misleading.

Comparative Analysis: PowerShift vs. The Rest

Diving Deeper: Popular Texas TOU plans vs. Rhythm's PowerShift Time-of-Use Plan

Almost all popular TOU plans in Texas, like TXU Free Nights or Reliant Truly Free Weekends, dangle the appeal of "free" periods. However, these plans often mask higher average rates through complex calculations, leaving many consumers with unexpected bills. After all there is no free lunch and while electricity can get cheap during some hours and some days, it is never free on average and on a consistent basis.

TOU Chart 2

Rhythm's PowerShift Time-of-Use energy plan stands apart. By truly aligning its pricing with wholesale on-peak and off-peak periods, PowerShift ensures that when customers make informed decisions about their energy use, they are rewarded with a bill that genuinely reflects their choices (i.e., they can reap genuine savings without the smoke and mirrors here).

Let’s compare how Rhythm’s PowerShift Plan looks against Reliant’s free nights plan. It quickly becomes obvious that nights are “free” only because the daytime rate is inflated.

TOU Chart 3

Crunching the Numbers: A Comparative Analysis

To paint an even clearer picture, we assessed various TOU plans, as of August 30, 2023, against Rhythm's Powershift 12 and the story is the same. Using average energy consumption data of a typical Texas home in the Houston area, with average consumption of 2,000 kWh per month, we unearthed the following insights:

Retailer / Plan

Average Price per kWh

Annual Bill Amount

Annual Savings with Rhythm

Rhythm PowerShift



Direct Energy Twelve Hour Power (Free Nights)




Direct Energy Free Power Weekends




TXU Free Nights & Solar Days




TXU Daytime Pass




Reliant Truly Free Nights 100% Solar




Reliant Flextra Credits




Just Energy Nights Free Plan




While the table above showcases substantial savings with Rhythm PowerShift 12, there's more to the story. By enabling customers to strategically shift their consumption, the PowerShift 12 plan offers potential for even greater savings. This is the true advantage of Rhythm’s Time of Use (TOU) plan compared to attractive free nights plans.

Maximizing the Benefits of TOU Plans

Harnessing TOU Plans for Savings: Empowering Consumers Through Choice and Flexibility

The strength of a Time-Of-Use rate lies in empowering consumers. Consider daily tasks like using a dishwasher or laundry. Shifting these to off-peak hours, with a 12c price difference, can save about $4.50 a month or $54 annually. A savvy consumer who aligns such high energy-consuming activities with off-peak hours can reap significant savings. The true impact of TOU plans is seen in the flexibility they offer: Empowering consumers to make informed decisions based on the real-time cost of energy. This dynamism introduces an interactive element to electricity consumption, where understanding and adjusting to price fluctuations can lead to tangible financial benefits.

The potency of TOU plans is in the choice they offer. However, it underscores the need for tools and education to maximize their benefits.

The Verdict

While TOU plans present an attractive proposition, not all are created equal. Many leverage the allure of "free" periods, but at a cost. Rhythm’s PowerShift Plans, in contrast, champion transparent, data-driven pricing, ensuring customers genuinely benefit from shifting power.

For those who value both savings and transparency, PowerShift stands out as a leader in the TOU market space. Currently, Rhythm Energy offers the lowest daytime rate in Texas. No smoke. No mirrors. Just savings.

If you want to know more about how to make smarter choices with your electricity usage and learn about Time-of-Use benefits, we are here to assist you. Explore our curated blog content on TOU-related topics, designed to keep you well-informed about the latest industry insights:

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Disclaimer: Due to the changes in the pricing on the electricity market in Texas, current prices may vary. Call us at 1-888-7RHYTHM or visit Rhythm Energy website to check for the latest Time of Use rates.

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