How TOU Energy Rates Could Help EV Owners

Rhythm Energy on Thursday, September 14, 2023
What is an electric vehicle

In today's world, electric cars (EVs) have become incredibly popular for getting around. From sleek, city-friendly compacts to robust, long-range vehicles, EVs have revolutionized the automotive industry and are leading us toward a greener, more sustainable future. But one thing people may not have top-of-mind is keeping your EV charged–efficiently and affordably.

If you can pair charging your EV with a time-of-use (TOU) electricity plan, EVs can be a perfect choice and help you go green while saving some green. We’ll uncover and answer a lot of questions you may have about EVs, TOU plans, and how they work together. Like, how do you sign up for TOU EV rates? Or, should you charge your EV to 100% every night?

TOU Rates Explained

Before we explore the benefits of TOU plans for EV owners, let's break down how TOU plans save money in Texas. For starters, what is a Time of Use rate? TOU rates are like special pricing schedules for electricity. Instead of paying a fixed rate all day, you pay different prices for electrical power depending on when you use it. If you can shift your power usage to off-peak hours (when electricity demand and prices are low), you could save money. TOU plans encourage you to shift energy consumption in Texas when it's cheaper, which can be a big help for your wallet, especially if you have an electric vehicle.

What Is On-peak And Off-peak?

TOU rates have something called off-peak and on-peak hours. Off-peak hours are when electricity demand is low, like during the night when most people are asleep. During these times, electricity is cheaper. On the flip side, on-peak hours are when everyone uses power, like in the evening when people cook dinner and watch TV. That's when electricity costs a bit more.

EVs And TOU Rates

TOU rates are structured to encourage EV drivers to charge their vehicles when electricity demand is lower. So, the whole point is to charge your EV during off-peak hours. Charge overnight = saving money.

What Time Is Off-peak In Texas?

Typically, off-peak hours in Texas are during the late evening and early morning, between 10pm and 6am. During this period, you should charge your vehicle to take advantage of lower electricity rates. However, the timing of Texas TOU plans can fluctuate based on various factors, including the time of the year. It's crucial to check the schedule with your provider to stay up to date and make the most of potential electricity savings with TOU Texas rates. Almost all the best time of use plans in Texas should have the night off peak hours, enabling EV owners to charge overnight.

Smart Charging with TOU Rates

As an EV owner, the first thing you should do is read about and sign up for a TOU plan. Rhythm Energy offers pricing schemes specifically designed for consumers with EVs, so you don’t need to worry about limited options.

However, before you apply for the TOU plan, you should check if your house supports the electrical capacity needed for EVs. Older homes, in particular, may have restricted electrical capacity, potentially preventing the installation of a dedicated 240-volt circuit required for a Level 2 charger. If your home supports Level 2 charges, you will be able to charge your vehicle and even schedule charging to start and end on time, before the on peak hours start.

Driving Greener and Cheaper: Benefits of TOU Energy Rates and EVs

First of all, EVs operate without emitting harmful gasses or pollutants into the air. While you drive through city streets or cruise down the highway, you leave behind a smaller carbon footprint, contributing to better air quality. Combined with the innovative energy plans in Texas, an EV will make a positive impact on the environment as they reduce the necessity to activate supplementary power plants, many of which rely on fossil fuels like natural gas or coal.

But, this is not the only benefit of EVs. EVs are also generally cheaper to run than traditional gas-powered cars. It depends on the area where you live, type of the vehicle you drive, and how you charge your vehicle, but savings are guaranteed. Rhythm Energy offers affordable pricing plans for its customers, helping them reduce electrical bills.

Is it cheaper to charge EV at night?

Charging an electric vehicle (EV) at night is typically cheaper because electricity rates during off-peak hours are lower. Many utility companies offer TOU rates, encouraging EV owners to charge when demand is lower. The result of charging EVs overnight is significant savings on electrical bills. Moreover, you'll contribute to renewable energy movements.

Is it better to slow charge my EV overnight?

Generally, it is better to slow charge your EV overnight because it generates less heat and stress on the battery compared to fast charging. This way, you can extend the battery's lifespan, which is essential for long-term cost savings and maximizing your EV's overall performance.

Should I charge my EV to 80% every night?

Maintaining a charge level between 20% and 80% helps preserve the battery's health and longevity, making it a recommended practice for most electric vehicles. So, the answer is yes, it is advisable to charge your EV to around 80%.

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