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Rhythm Energy on Friday, June 18, 2021
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Rhythm recently fielded a study of more than 800 Texans and asked them about everything from their anticipated energy use this summer to their favorite ice cream. While the most popular choice was vanilla, their responses were anything but. Read on to learn more about what your fellow Texans are saying about summer 2021 in Texas!

Predictions for Texas Summer

While the summer can be a great time of joy with family - traveling, hanging by the pool, or barbecuing during the 4th of July weekend - we also discovered some more serious concerns from Texans.

  • 49% are anxious about their electricity bill this summer

  • 45% expect more power outages this summer than in previous years

  • 56% expect a hotter and drier summer than normal

  • 68% don’t believe the Texas power grid is ready to handle the summer heat

Energy Use

This leads us to another interesting stat - 72% of Texans want to reduce their electricity bill this summer. Who doesn’t, right? So, we asked for the best trick or tip to keep cool during the Texas summer. Here are some of the top tricks:

  • Energy-efficient thermostat

  • Turning the ceiling fans on keeping the temp around 75 degrees

  • Keep the shades closed to keep the heat out or get drapes

  • Wear sweat-wicking fabrics

But, 85% of respondents said they could not live without air conditioning in the summer in Texas. And 25% of respondents shared that they have had a fight with a significant other over their air conditioning / the temperature in the house.

Describing a Texas Summer

When asked what a Texas summer is like, 56% said it was “blazing,” and 46% of respondents told us that in the Texas summer heat, they melt “like a popsicle.” Texans also shared some analogies about Texas summers that had us wondering if they were hungry. Here are a few of their responses – a Texas summer is like…

  • Barbecuing in the sauna

  • An egg sizzling on a stovetop

  • A bag of gummy bears melting together

  • Ice cream soup

  • Pouring hot sauce in my eyes

We can’t predict what will happen this summer, but as things continue to get back to normal, we do hope you and all Texans make unforgettable memories alongside friends and family. And, as you enjoy that one-of-a-kind Texas heat, remember, Rhythm is an energy company that won’t have you sweating your energy bills.

Survey Methodology

This survey was conducted online using the Qualtrics survey platform from May 11 to June 3, 2021. The 804 respondents were Texans aged 25-64 who are responsible or share responsibility for household bills and have a household income greater than $50K.

For further survey details, click here.

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